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  1. Kind of getting off subject here, but I've been thinking of following that post you're referencing too and seeing how it goes. Send me a PM if you've already given it a whirl. It'd be nice to update/confirm it works and maybe put it on the wiki.
  2. Change the Numpad6 that he has set to the following Numpad6:: SendToWindow(EnBMain," ") SendToAlts(" ") ActivateMain() Return I'm no expert on AHK but what Wolfie did makes sense to me more or less. He hasn't been on since May (at least the forums) so feel free to post any other ideas/suggestions and I can give a whirl at adding it
  3. The code is on line 75 (if you haven't added anything) Numpad6:: SendToAlts(" ") ActivateMain() Return Change the space in between the quotes to whatever your key is in game. As for the main not shooting, I can't see anywhere in the script where that's in it so you still need to initiate the firing with your main window character. I'm looking to add that to the code above so when I tell my alts to fire, my main does as well but it's late in the night. I've never coded with AHK so tomorrow when I have time to research/test I'll do that and share the code for you if you like. Palimow: If you want the script to activate firing for your character, add this SendToWindow(EnBMain," ") above the SendToAlts(" ") line. That'll activate firing for your main then do the alts One issue I'm running into is location based clicks: accept WH, dock/land and station register. It iterates through the screens but doesn't click action. I haven't had a chance to debug yet, but if anyone has any solutions to try first, let me know.
  4. Thanks for the reply Spa. Looking through his thread pointed me to the solution. Turns out my AV's Sandbox mode was what was causing the issue. I disabled that and that error in OP went away. Now I need to figure out why it thinks the net-7 proxy is out of date. I downloaded the installer 3 days ago but maybe the Sandbox mode was causing other issues as well.   Edit: It appears that the Sandbox mode was the cause of the net-7 proxy error too. Did a re-install w/ sandbox disabled and no problems this time.
  5. I had E&B installed but uninstalled it and re-installed it. Upon re-installing the Net-7 Launcher always errors. I've attached a file with all the information but the jist of the error is as follows:   "The property 'ServerList' could not be created from it's default value. Error message: Unable to generate a temporary class (result = 1). error CS0016: Could not write to output file - 'Access is denied.'"   I can either Continue or Quit. Quit closes the program, Continue will let me manually input the server and click Play but then another error comes up saying more or less the same as the above error.   I am running Win 7, made sure to run the program in Admin mode.   Thanks for any help!
  6. Finally got internet again, I'll do the TE on my next day off.
  7. I'm working on one for a JE if you need it still.
  8. Update: Ok, Found out it was my AV deleting the file. It thinks there is the "Suspicious@1ibql6zepcy49" malware in the file. I'm gonna go out on a limb that it's just my AV being stupid cause no one else has had this issue that I can tell. Anyways, it's fixed! So I got a new PC(running windows 7), downloaded the E&B demo and Net-7 Unified installer. Both installed fine without any errors, but when I would run Net-7 and it would do an update it errors saying "Update Failed. Details: Access to path 'C:\Program Files(x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Uninstal.exe' is denied. File:" I looked in the folder and Uninstal.exe isn't even in the folder. I thought the install messed up so re-installed but still no Uninstal.exe file. Am I just being an idiot? lol... Can someone attach the file to a reply or let me know how I can get the file? Thanks!
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