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    Drop Rate....?

    i got them from L46 Sturren but i don't think any other nagifar tipe drop them.
  2. n77mee

    Drop Rate....?

    Sry if I post in the wrong section but i wanted to ask some one from the devs to check the drop rate for Big Bertha Duo lvl 7 Missile weapon. The reason for this is that i farm on nagifars for the last 4/5 (35/40 CL) last combat lvl's and they don't drop at all. I got only 1 ammunition from Sturren lvl 46.
  3. i would understand not to show drop locations for items lvl 7+ but why dont u show for items for lower level because when u leveling up u dont have time to kill mobs just to search for 1 item... normaly even if u find it most of the cases it will be to late.
  4. thank you very much Castagere
  5. First i want to congratulate the entire community who did an awesome job building up this game from scratch. My topic name is a bit confusing i know because i did play this game on EA servers and a bit here (i am lvl 64 now) and i cant remember to much from it as it past like 10 years if i'm not mistaken. The second reason i opened this topic is to ask if we have a map with mobs locations because it will alow us to play more and spend alot les searching for them. Thanks for your patience and keep up the good work.
  6. i am very sorry for the size of that picture but i don't know how to make it smaller. my computer settings look like this: win xp sp3 video asus 8800gt (latest driver from nvidia) internet explorer 8(Default browser) flash player (latest version) directx (latest version) net framework 3.5 latest windows installer if i am missing something please tell me because i am stuck and don't want to reinstall windows. ps: this error came after uninstalling the game and clean up the registry.
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