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  1. Yeah, I did it before the warning came out. Oh well. (Good news is I was wrong about what slot my main character was in so it was spared.)
  2. So I went through Character creation, and made a character to play on the account, different name, but I think in the slot of my MIA character cause my account was without characters. Would that keep from linking the limbo'd character back to the account?
  3. I'm glad to hear things are moving forward and we'll get to play again. I've beaten the Hell out of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock again and am getting my Sci-fi fix from Stellaris. But I'm looking forward to bullying belters again!
  4. Bruh. I'm gonna come out and say: "You're dead wrong." As has been said repeatedly: The people keeping the game running are not some massive corporation with a dedicated engineering/developer team numbering in the dozens or hundreds. These are people who loved EnB a lot. These are people that have jobs and lives outside of EnB that have to take priority so that they can KEEP doing this. Have patience.
  5. I'm just over here, playing Stellaris to get my sci-fi fix. I miss harassing belters though. (You guys who keep EnB alive are doin God's work.)
  6. Keep up the amazing work! It's much appreciated!
  7. Oh, that ship is very much dead. That said though, I have a Zenshai Nav computer installed, enabling the spotting of cloaked ships, on top of scan at rank 3 right now which also enables piercing cloaks. I was just wondering if someone was spreading incorrect information in New Player chat the other day.
  8. So the other day I saw in New Players chat that enemies didn't cloak, well, then I ran into this guy today: https://gyazo.com/95b197a051f0f2b0f3f74fdfbd1b4cf4 That is a CL24 Zenshai Escort around Vishao's Plight that engaged on me while cloaked and fired on me while having the cloaked graphic going for him. I'm not sure if I ran into a bug or if he's supposed to do that, since I don't remember from Live.
  9. So, I have all 4 boxes checked, I'm able to log into the game, have firewall exceptions for the launcher, game, and proxy but when I try to do anything in the Europa sector for more than 10 minutes, even on the Ashanti Maru, the game goes into this eternal lag where I cannot do ANYTHING at all. I move, but it's clear there's a disconnect between client data and server data. And sometimes I get an eternal loading screen trying to log back in. And recently, it kicked me from Europa to a system I had no business being in so I made my way back to the Sol System. And things were fine until I got to the sol system and things started acting up again. I'm not sure what's going on.
  10. Thanks dude, I feel like I've come home.
  11. I can't log into the game as it says I'm temporarily banned. Also: E-mail is **@gmail.com if it helps.
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