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  1. Forgive yes I meant Heart of the Dark One which is in Cailey's hold - I thought I was looting to Caiaphus - sorry.
  2. I just made the same mistake. Accidentally looted a Heart of the Master in the heat of the moment onto Cailey (TT) thinking I was looting on Caiaphus (PW) while they were formed together. Any help? Thanks/
  3. Main name:  Antoriaset   3 days ago I ran into a log-in wall.  I say 3 days because prior (10 days in this location and weeks at home) I'd had very smooth experience - all was well.  Initially I thought it was me, so I looked at band width and network adaptor (running two laptops wireless) ...  all seems to be running fine with all other approaches to streaming etc.   Yet for some reason I cannot play.   To be clear, Megan gives me a frozen screen and then a "Lost Connection to the Global Server" window.    I exchanged with BlackLung who thought it might be a corrupted file.  In truth I was able to log in immediately afterwards but only once.  Further I exchanged with Woodstock who had me delete all the th6 files to no end.   Might the file be corrupted? 
  4. I just finished downloading client to a happy new comp running 64 bit windows 7...    To be clear I'm opening a file called eandb_demo.exe ... I don't know why that seems a different name than the last time I did this, but that's what downloaded when I clicked Earth and Beyond Client in the Downloads section so I'll trust it's what I want... (such a trusting soul am I)   So I right click and run as administrator and I get this in a little box entitled Install that says:   "This software requires an additional 1486507591K bytes free on the C: drive to install.  Please remove any unnecessary files and try again"   ...again this is a brand new and essentially empty box with terabytes of free space.   If I click the "Ignore" button it then asks for the Product Key ..  I seem to remember that should be ignored so I click OK and then get this in a little box entitled "This file does not have a product associated with it for performing this action.  Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association with the Default Programs control pl\anel."   If i click OK, the next little box entitled Error reads:  "Could not execute the external program http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/eandb.aspx"   Anyone got any ideas?
  5. K so that explains a little bit but that's a good question about toons that did the available missions but did them prior to any tokens being introduced. Both my PP and PS did HU missions thoughout but when I go to Var in hopes of obtaining the Capture the Cargo mission, he does not interact...any thoughts?
  6. Here's hoping this query is in the correct place . I understand that the 50/75/100 HU missions end (or ended?) and the player received an Optional Mission Token and that something was sposed to happen after completion of the 135 HU mission. I did them all on my PP/PS team and figure I must have completed all but the 135 HU prior to the tokens being introduced to game - certainly when I finished the 135 HU nothing special arrived in my hold or was mentioned. On that note, does it mean that any optional missions are out of my reach due to bad timing? Please advise. I was given to understand that tokens were for sale on Magister, that were then to be taken to the NPCs in the lounge to start up the Ballista mission. I checked with all the vendors and there are no tokens being sold. Can anyone who knows what's happeneing with the tokens and hence availability to optional missions - specifically Ballista and ammo samples - please advise as to what the status is? Thanks, Cai
  7. yes launcher does see the server as being online...
  8. 11/8/10 18:55 CST Nothing changed .. still cannot log into game ??? how can a crash of the system block this computer which has been playing this game for 18 months, from playing now? Plz advise ( C:\NET7\bin>cd "C:\NET7\bin" C:\NET7\bin>"C:\NET7\bin\Net7Proxy.exe" /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\PROGRA ~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe" /LC /SSL:443 /POPT /DEBUGL Net7Proxy version 1.98 Params: /ADDRESS: Params: /CLIENT:C:\PROGRA~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe Params: /LC Params: /SSL:443 Params: /POPT Params: /DEBUGL Using IP: ( 08/11/10 18:53:20 Attempting to connect to IP address: 08/11/10 18:53:20 Sending login. 08/11/10 18:53:25 login failed - server not found. 08/11/10 18:54:40 MVAS thread running
  9. Trying to log back in after the crash this afternoon and I get this message as Net7Proxy is attempting to log in: Server Failed to respond to Login Attampt. I have forced updates and re-/downloaded installed Net 7 launcher which seems to patch fine but I am getting the same message. Running Vista 32 bit. For whatever it may be worth, I've been running the game on this comp since early ST3 with no problems at all and suddenly only after the crash (10/5) I see this message...any connection? My other comp is using the same internet connection and logging in with no problem. Any thoughts? C:\NET7\bin>cd "C:\NET7\bin" C:\NET7\bin>"C:\NET7\bin\Net7Proxy.exe" /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\PROGRA ~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe" /LC /SSL:443 /POPT /DEBUGL Net7Proxy version 1.98 Params: /ADDRESS: Params: /CLIENT:C:\PROGRA~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe Params: /LC Params: /SSL:443 Params: /POPT Params: /DEBUGL Using IP: ( 05/11/10 20:14:28 Attempting to connect to IP address: 05/11/10 20:14:28 Sending login. 05/11/10 20:14:33 login failed - server not found.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug ..I tried the forced update and it still gets back to Version 300 wanting to patch which leads to a message that reads: "Update Failed. Download is invalid. Hash of downloaded file and hash in server manifest does not match." Then I click Skip button and log into game ...seems a little odd and I am having some significant CTD issues with the account. Not sure of next steps
  11. ok ok ok ty ty ty I did all of the above and seem to have proceeded to a patch em up screen (yay!! *\o/* forward progress), however the patch is apparently not liked by the EnB gods methinks.. I get this message: "Update failed. Downloaded file is invalid. Please start launcher and repatch files. File: C:\NET7\bin\net7proxy.exe" Keep re-patching? *stands at the ready awaiting further instructions...* seems if I just skip the update the second or third time thru it takes the next patch .. good gawd I'm clueless.. now when I log in the Version 300 wants to patch each time but it doesn't seem to matter if I skip it once it tells me its invalid...so confused whatever the case it seems i'm in game and rdy to rock so thanks very much for the assistance guys!!
  12. K so I re-downloaded client, client patch and net7 setup...also was instructed to install .Net Framework from microsoft...now I get a message that reads "LaunchNet7.exe-NET Framework Initialization Error Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application" Is this going in the wrong direction? Also from either start/all programs/EAgames/earth&beyond/ or from my computer/program files/EAgames/Earth&Beyond/ there is no file nor anything clickable that has "Net7 Config" (as per instruction pinned under Technical Support) Is the absence of this file(or whatever it actually is) named "Net 7 Config" a download problem or if I'm running XP Pro should I or should I not be expecting to see that particular file? Please advise.
  13. Just downloaded client to and older comp running XP. I went thru the instructions however after loading the Net7 Setup, when the instruction says got to ...program files/EA games/ Earth & Beyond/net7 config I find that there is no Net7Config file in my Earth & Beyond folder - in fact the only file I can find that says "Net7 Config" is in the Net7 folder in the bin sub folder with a cfg extension. Where did I go wrong? For whatever its worth, when I try to run the net7 launcher I get this message: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)." Any ideas?
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