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  1. Thanks much Shadow, I noticed that and re-checked the box...still no joy.
  2. I have not logged in for a few days due to travel. I logged in on Sunday, 10/5/14, and there was a small update. I updated with no problem. However, where I could run 4 clients with no problem before, now I can only run 4 clients for 2-3 minutes before I get multiple crashes. I seem to be fine with just 1 client, however, I would like to continue running multiple clients. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it my system, or my system after this launcher update? Can anyone help please?  
  3. Hello Folks! I have downloaded and installed the files for the Net 7 launcher and EnB. But when I try to launch, the launch screen comes up and just sits there, it doesn't do anything. I am not very computer literate, so I tried to follow all the instructions, but I have obviously messed up somewhere. Any suggestions please?  
  4. stan0824


    Okay, I can log in to the emulator using my old log in info...but I cannot seem to register for ST 4 using the same info. I keep getting an info/error box that says "Forum user not found" "User not added". I'm sure I have messed up some way, but I have no idea how. Is there anyone who can help? Please?
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