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  1. Hi, A while ago my character "SapperPS" accidentally looted the "handy solar projects manual" after doing the spawned boss fight for the solar projects mission line that was meant for "NightmareJS". Is it possible to get help with this?
  2. Thank you... really. And I'll do some experimenting on some other avatars to see if I can replicate the effect. If I come across anything I'll be in touch. Otherwise I'll keep an eye on the game updates.
  3. So TS is fine, The TE is the affected toon. TE basically had the ship configuration and vault of my TS mapped over. I believe the reason for this was because the account slots that I was moving around, I had moved the TE to where the TS was just before that. As to everything I lost, I know I had the following: Smiter's Wrath, Sting of the Mordana, Black Caster, Prototype Dark Matter Launcher, Ya Zi Long's Hellbore, 5 Zets, Ego Matrix, Intolerance, Plague's Bite, Bully Eye, Aegis of the Warder, CVE, Biomechanical Langour, Sai Li's Circle, and Intent and Viper Engines are all of the major things I lost. There are also a ton of ammo comps I was hauling as well because my TE is my primary ammo builder. Some of the things my TS also had, but my TE had everything at a higher percentage of quality. As for how long they were offline... I'm not sure. I'd definitely like to try a couple of things out to see if there's a potential exploit people could use.... because things like this cause a reverse-exploit... like instead of getting things copied, you lose everything, lol...
  4. Thanks Evermore, however the last line of my post stated that I had submitted a GM ticket for this and they told me it's not their area of responsibility and that I should submit a web-help ticket. I don't think the GM's are going to listen to me about this. I don't want to cause any problems and start making statements that are just sharing of information, but can (and will) be taken as rude comments. When I tend to respond, that's what seems to happen.
  5. Some views but no responses... is this in the right place? or is there a special place I need to put Web-help tickets?
  6. I was using the avatar transfer feature of the net-7 site, and my TE seems to have the entire ship and inventory of my TS. The TS still has everything I've swapped and installed, but now the TE has the TS's L7 weapons installed (Instead of my Wrath, Sting, etc...) and the Salamander is equipped on a Warrior, lol, when it's explorer-only.My intention was to move the avatars around into a certain order over the course of a couple of months, having all of my primary avatars occupy the center slot (#2). Well, in my relocating efforts, I moved my TE into the old slot of my TS. I only noticed this when I found all of my ammo components, L9 engines (Viper, Intent), Ego martix, etc... all seem to have been removed. Is there any way we can get this reset somehow? I was placing this here because GM team said it wasn't "GM area of responsibility" and suggested me to create a web-help ticket, so that's what I'm trying to do.
  7. Let me affirm that the usual process of forgetting password has already been considered. The e-mail associated with said account does not exist anymore.
  8. I recently changed a password on one of my game accounts, but mistakenly changed one that wasn't intended. Just need some assistance accessing the account and re-changing a password please. Thank you
  9. Nevermind... I still happened to have the install file, I just re-ran it and I can now open it. You may delete this post. Sorry for the trouble
  10. I have had the shortcut on my desktop for a long time (years) and suddenly after playing a few hours tonight, I click my shortcut to open a second client and the file for the shortcut has disappeared. I did nothing tonight but play the game. Any ideas on how to get Launchnet7.exe back or maybe find out what happened?
  11. So, you're saying it's okay to ban someone because you PERSONALLY feel offended that they made a guild that was a play on words on the STAFF guild, but rather implied the V'rix are an infection in the universe, yet when someone else is offended by the popular slang use (whether intended or not) then it's okay to blow their concerns off especially when their kids are getting ideas from these names... Definitely sounds like a personal vendetta against someone leaving YOUR guild to make something original, obviously better, with an awesome theme and idea behind it. This is further proof to me that some people on the team are not emotionally fit for their jobs.
  12. Just so you know, a Warrant Officer is considered an expert in his/her field. A Sergeant Major is the leading enlisted adviser of a battalion or higher level group. Cadets are college students in an ROTC program. Maybe if one understood the title of the position, they'd respect it more. A rank has much less meaning than a title, imho. a 2nd Lieutenant outranks a Sergeant Major, but a platoon leader as opposed to the top enlisted adviser of a unit doesn't have much say in a situation. Many Warrant Officers I knew in the Army were some of the brightest people I knew and never made a mistake on the job. Sergeant Majors, on the other hand, were the face of a company, like the pres is for the U.S. and we know how much they screw up most of the time.
  13. Would be kind of cool to come up with a rating scheme that takes a few things into consideration.....such as how many deaths, how many kills and what lvl the kills were, credits (although this won't play a huge role in how good a player is).....and I'm sure there's more. So, for instance...a player who is lvl 100, has only died twice, over 1500 kills, and has a low trade lvl is no better than the other L100 who has died plenty of times, less than 500 kills, but can mine or build like a madman (# of objects mined, # of objects mapped for building, what lvl the objects are. Although I don't think something like this is anywhere in the near future, it is an interesting addition.
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