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  1. [quote name='Taallonn' timestamp='1352641918' post='65726'] down again.....I know you guys say its just the login server but if i am logged in (which has been 100% of the times this has happened to me)my characters can't interact with the game world (no chat, no functionality other than looking around) when this happens, this is always while in a station after analyzing something or gating into a station for me anyway. When i try and log back into the game is when I am seeing the no global server error [/quote] I am having the exact same issues as Taallonn is having, if it is any assistance to the Devs
  2. I discovered that if I went back to the home location, the promotion mission is given to you and it processes up to the point where you are actually level wise. I just completed the lvl 100 HU mission
  3. Let begin with this, I attempted to start a request ticket 7 times and the ticket system appears not to work. When I attempted to open a ticket, the fill-in-the blanks would not fill in when I typed in the blanks. At times it would look like the form was filled out, I attempted to send the request, I never received an email indicating that the request had been logged. When my PW Kubla reached level 100, I went to see Kerr and he responded as if I was getting a level 10 Hull Upgrade, I went the shipyard and the shipyard looked like it upgraded, when I looked at the hull upgrade mission, it was gone. Can someone reset the Advancement mission on my PW Kubla? Thanks
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