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Hi all,


I'm stuck (again) on a mission from Gratis Augustus Var. I'm on a mission chain called Intelligence which starts out with some trade route investigations and eventually pinning it down to Red Dragon involvement.


On this part he has sent me off to find some Talon Fighters in Odin Rex. I have searched seemingly everywhere in that sector and found lots and lots of Chavaz, but no Talon Fighters. I sat and destroyed Defense Drones till I ran out of ammo and nothing. I endlessly maimed Chavaz until my hold was full of devices and again no ammo, and nothing showed else showed up. I squashed Iron Vultures till I had stacks of their guts and again no ammo, but no Talon Fighters showed up! I wasn't really expecting any, but heh, I had to try!


 I have searched EnB support pages / mob locations, etc, but can't find anything on these MOBs.


Please dear EnB forum members, does anyone know where they spawn and put me out of my misery?

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