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Latest Launcher Files - Program + Config

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Hi All,


Some people are experiencing issues with the Launcher trying to update itself from an earlier version.


Error MSG:

Update Failed. Downloaded file is invalid. Hash of downloaded file and

hash in server manifest does not match.

File: <PATH>\bin\LaunchNet7.exe.tmp


Unzip the attached to your net-7\bin folder and overwrite existing files.




Some people have been experiencing the following issue.


"Configuration System Failed to Initialize" Exception


This appears to be due to a corrupted user application config file.


To reset the config file do the following:

Win Vista/7/8:

Navigate to your %User Profile%\App Data\Local\

rename the LaunchNet7 folder to LaunchNet7Old


Run the Net7 Launcher - this will regenerate the user config



To enable the Net7 Launcher to work behind a proxy:


Add the red text to the bottom of the launchnet7.exe.config file in your net-7/bin folder






    <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" enabled="true" />





Current Launcher Version 2.0.0

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