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The "Holy Knights" from Orion

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Update (March 2013):

We're Back -- again!

This time for the new final Live Net-7 Sunrise server! (Nov 2012)

The Holy Knights guild that used to be on Orion since 2002 has returned again....

Current founding members are:
Geeman - guild leader

Jumpeduptart (aka Friendtoall/FTA)

--- and a few of our alts 

We're the old crew from before with the same names (well obviously not ALL), but some senior and founding members from Live (Orion) have returned, upon discovering the great news!

We're hoping to link back with old mates for new adventures in the same old classic universe we grew so fond of!

If you are one of our long lost shipmates and want to re-join us, then PM me here or in-game to Geeman (or email Net-7 portal). Hope you find us soon!

All the Best,

Guild Leader

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Heya Gee - I know this post is old, but wanted to say hello.  I have hopped into the Emu and am enjoying the nostalgia.  Let me know if any of you are around.

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Hey DaBruuzer!


Good to hear from ya. 

Well we had moments on and off with a few old guys including Zig. But I haven't been on for a long time and I think it could be the same for everyone else. 


But I can log in some point and invite you back to the guild etc. Most likely later this evening, which timezone are you in? 


We can arrange a time. 


Meanwhile enjoy the Emu, it's pretty perfect and there's new classes for you to explore. 


See you in game!



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