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mining problem

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I had put this in the bug tracker, but got no response to , so i am reposting here, and trying to esplain a little better; in hopes to get something in return.


I & many others were mining the gas fields in Glenn,  I mine by tab "next", & if needed warping to the target, apparently another player was doing the same thing,  when we both arrived at target, we apparently both opened the mining prompt at the same time; now usually I get a message "already being mined by (player's name), I did get this message, so I moved on to the next target, but when i tried to mine, i got a message, "prospect beam already in use".  Tried several other gas clouds, still got same message, so I returned to the station, docked, undocked & returned to mining, and all was fine, My question is:  should this happen?   I mine ALOT, and have never seen this happen before.  I' m sure to test this you will have to have another player with you, to open the mining prompt at the same time.  OH, this happened a couple of times, it was not a one time thing, & it was 2 different times of the day; other wise i would have just considered it a "fluke".


some feedback would be appreciated.



would you at least acknowledge that you are looking into this?  I KNOW it is NOT an EXPLOIT, but it does interfere with game play.

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