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Signup for ST4 - Step by Step

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This has been requested so here goes.

  1. Sign up for forum and make a note of your username (If you havent already) - This is now essential and part of the validation process.
  2. Visit our new Portal website
  3. Click the 'Register' button
  4. Complete the popup form making sure you use your forum USERNAME not your display name (There is a difference)
  5. Make sure you enter the e-mail address you signed up on the forums with.
  6. If there are no errors, you should receive and e-mail asking you to activate your stresstest account, click the activate link.
  7. Your good to go and should be able to sign in

Any problems please post in the Tech Support forum (Link in my signature below)


Portal/Stresstest Signup Notes:

The portal signup and the game accounts use the same details.

Forum Username: This MUST be the username (NOT display name) you signed up on THESE forums.

Username: Can be anything, but must be unique (One can be the SAME as your forum username)

E-Mail address: Same as your forum e-mail address (Required for validation)

You may create up to THREE accounts per forum signup.

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