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Agrippa Shields Need Clarified For Ps And Pp!

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Welp, a guild mate brought this up, so I thought I would document it. He wanted to do the Build Shields portion of Agrippa, so the guild could have a maker for the shields part or maybe the Device, too. It's a tad confusing, as most Agrippa is. So, he built new toons (PS/PP). Well, at first it tells him he needs his Build Shields skill to level 5. Okay, he goes and does that, then goes back to Architecti Scuti, who then gives him an option for Stage 2 Agrippa and saying something about Build Shields skill level 7, but no option for Stage I Agrippa for Build Shields.

So, I have a Progen Privateer and decided to level it up to document, again, this is what I get:


She tells me I need to upgrade my Build Shields skill to level 5. Okay, so that's what I do, since I have the points and Trade Level to upgrade it (minimum trade level of 25). Then she proceeds to tell me this, after I upgrade my skill:


"You have lost your way?", then an option to ask about Stage 2, which brings this up:


Telling me I NOW need a Build Shields skill of level 7 to continue.

Some questions, here:

1) Is there a Stage One for Sentinel/Privateer, when it comes to shields?
2) What's the minimum level to begin. Because I generally thought Agrippa missions generally started at OL50. Which apparently is different for all classes? Because, if you need Build shields 5, again the minimum level for the Build shields level 5 Skill on Privateer is Trade Level 25. That in itself seems to be a hefty requirement, just to get the recipe for the level 2 Amplector Omega shield. Edited by JenqDude
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I would suggest the PS to pay attention to the NPC interactions when progressing through the device missions, because it tells you what the required item is in order to start the shield mission. Edited by jackal
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K....agrippa is not OL its HULL level, if you are feeling you are passing content and will be shut out, don't take the HU until you check that you haven't. There is another thread with the info you are seeking for what HU you need and skill levels per class.

The thread is under progen discussion titled: [PP Weapons Stage I] Possible bug?

The specific post is #9 that tells you what HULL LEVELS you need to start a stage of Agrippa and which class can do which.

As to the minimum skill level needed for each stage, you want the highest level achievable at your OL in that skill tree regardless of what the npc will tell you, for the simple reason of failure rate.
Each stage is going to cost you millions if not more, and lots of material and time, if you fail the tests and the scans and the builds. you then will have to redo the test or the scan or the build and the substancial test fee will have to be paid all over again. What would cost you millions to do..and loss of time/materials will now cost you multi millions more and much more time and materials.

Avoid the failure rate as much as possible...boost your skill as much as you can for that stage and don't settle for the minimum.
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[quote name='jackal' timestamp='1332129557' post='55711']
I would suggest the PS to pay attention to the NPC interactions when progressing through the device missions, because it tells you what the required item is in order to start the shield mission.

As Jackal's "hint" here, in the interests of clarity, all the progen agrippa content is interdependant, all the later content needs something from a PP to start , and starting at stage II needs something from a PS as well, the L4 device the PS build in fact is needed by all the later content for progression, so when you get to that stage of the L4 device it will also be needed in the shield..and be transfered to other progens, do yourself and others a favor, KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU NEED FOR BOTH THE DEVICE (L4) AND THE SHIELD (L2) AND KEEP MULTIPLES ON HAND FOR BOTH YOUR PERSONAL LATER USE, AND TO SUPPLY OTHER PP/PW (it will save you much headaches later..and you will need to supply them to the others so they can supply you with what you need in exchange) :)
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*All Progen should visit Arx Magister and speak to the Nota who is their class.



Currently, the NPC default talk tree is trying to help you.
Before it was "Come back when you are more experienced"

Now, it attempts to look at what it thinks you need to know and gives a response.
The talk tree for the NPC is complex and also in its' infancy.

It is also highly reliant on code modules working (these are out of my scope)

Stage I :
Hull Level 100 only
Basic Optimal Progen Mission Token x1
Build Shields level 5

Stage II:
See Architecti Inquiro
Build Shields level 7
Collegia Faction 2000

Stage III
Progen only
Must have done stage I and stage II
Build Shields level 7


Adapt this information to all other builds except Components and Ammunition which differ in:

Stage I
Hull Level 50
Build x level 3
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