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While I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Scout's getting a little loving in the DPS department, they hold up just fine in combat with ore field guardians and so forth. (At least at max level, leveling up my CL was so far behind my EL/TL I never tried) They may not have a JE's cloak, or a PS's shield/firepower, but they do have a few thingsa going for them.

Missiles; Over 7.5k range at the end easy, if u you just kite, nothing will hit you.

Salamander debuff; i know plasma is all the rage, but using a Salamander for explosive debuff will net you much better damage, even vs mobs that are normally plasma weak.

[b]Hull Patch![/b]; We're actually the most survivable explorer (outside of raid situations that deal huge bursts of damage extremely quickly) despite people tending to rate us Even/Lower than JE's. None of the mobs we should reasonably expect to kill deal damage fast enough that they should give a TS trouble keeping themselves alive with Hull Patch if necessary. Our ability to self mend gives us a much greater ability to stay out in the depths of space for an extended period of time. What other explorer can fight off a mob after blowing themselves up to about 20% hull left on a couple of back to back pop rocks, and then be back to mining with full HP seconds later?

As for ammo use; early on it's a problem for hold space. Once you get to endgame though it's a complete non-issue. Running Smiter's Wrath & Ten-gu Bile launchers, which both use missiles that stack to 800, there's no need to carry more ammo than what you can fit in your launchers for any normal activities. You can get well over an hour of 100% constant firing per stack, which in practical use is a couple hours of heavy hunting, or all day and longer of mining defense.

The only time I ever even carry extra ammo is if I'm going to a raid, or if I'm going hunting with a group that I know will just be chain killing, (like the drone controller nav in Paramis or something like that) and even then I rarely get into my backup stacks unless my launchers were fairly low to start with, it's more a precaution because i don't like running out of ammo. In reality, in a group with decent dps, I can do about 2 fishbowl raids on a full stack in each gun. So yeah, ammo is a low level issue only.

What I'd do for a TS for combat is simple actually, swap Improved Hacking for an Improved Critical Targeting bonus. I notice a huge jump in my damage output grouped with a TE that has Rally on me. Just some critical targeting on an item a TS would generally equip would really be all the DPS boost we need. (JE has it on DG &/or GoD already) Really that's a missile issue in general, there are PL's and Beam's with Improved Crit Targeting (or Progen all get it on CFB) but it's lacking for Terrans/ML's. (I also remember my JE having something with Hull Damage Control on it which I'd like for TS, but that's another issue)

We don't need anything big though, just a couple small tweaks.

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