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Revenge: In Triplicate

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I accidentally sold the report for the mission Revenge: In Triplicate and am unable to forfeit the mission or turn in the quest to the target NPC.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can, without a ticket get player help to solve your problem, otherwise it takes a ticket.


Player help solution:

The named mob miner joe L24  at legrange nav in north west of carpenter.

The named mob erm..arun? L25 at legrange nav in south (just south west of OMP)


Both of those mobs have a chance of dropping the infini report that you need to turn in for that mission, you of course will need to enlist a fellow player to help you kill those mobs since they will be over your experience level.


Whichever route you take good luck and take greater care in the future, since many mission have sellable items and you can screw them up that way, also make sure you have a slot or 2 open in hold when doing missions since a mission can screw up if you don't have room for the item to get loaded.



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