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Alright so when I open LaunchNet7 I get the update box and usually hit "Play" after the updates have been checked. Today it didn't work and then I notice that something's different... the "Host" used to have four separate listings and now there are a handful. Handful might be pushing it since it seems it's the same three servers listed over and over. I tried to do the first one and it didn't work (play.net-7.org) so I tried the others and got through onto a server but I couldn't log in. The original server (play.net-7.org) is now starting up so I guess it was restarted but I'm curious what all these different hosts mean... are there different worlds now?

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Alright so I was able to login to "Host: play.net-u.org" and went to character login. I saw that the server had a 39% population which doesn't fit with my "server offline" theory. I tried logging in and was stuck at the universe/wait screen until I saw the following message:

"Server Failed to respond to sector login"

The program then crashed. I tried to Reset Updates and it still didn't work. Port: 443, Secur Auth (SSL) is checked. Local Cert and Debug Launch are both not checked. I don't feel comfortable giving out my local IP but I only have one option. Lastly: Packet Optimization and Client Detours are not clicked. This is really odd because it worked less than 12 hours ago.

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Yeah had that too 39% ,

I have a major problem tho.. i cannot force out with alt -ctrl - delete or alt tab.

client just crashes and i have to do a hard reset even tho i still have a moving mousepointer.

Theres nothing i can do since the game screen just stays on top of all other applications , even task manager.

DEV's could you please look into this and maybe have an ingame error report instead of a client crash o we can manualy quit the game to desktop.

I had it a few times when there's for some reason not able to connect and logon into the game..

The client crashes and theres no way to get back to desktop unless the client automaticaly closes or there's a back button within the game.

All i hear is a ping sound from a possible error-popup and then nada , i dont even know what the error says since i cant see it.

Indeed i get to the sector loading screen.. didn't give me the "loading" part , just got the ping and freez.

i wish it just crashed back to desktop but it doesn't .

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Just wanted to say that I guess there was a server problem, I'm logged in and doing fine. My question still stands though, what do all those different hosts mean?

Logged in to check. It's very simple.

Play = Public, usually always up.

PTR = Public Test Realm, when available able to test new mobs/graphics before on play server (ie before exploitable things go in, or annoying bugs that get characters debt etc or broken gear)

Dev = Where Dev(s)/Beta Testers/GMs can go to test content not wanted to release to Public just yet, or to test some 'serious' coding.

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DEV's could you please look into this and maybe have an ingame error report instead of a client crash o we can manualy quit the game to desktop.

I wish we could, but it is not our client and we cant change the source of it :). What most of us devs do is use it in windowed mode.

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