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Having issue with trial by fire for Jenquai Defender

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Having issue with trial by fire for Jenquai Defender. Combat starts fine but then the weapon slots get a red not x but targeting reticle in the middle of the circle an stop firing. Is this an ability that is being used? Is there some indicator that should indicating a status. Not sure anything is wrong, but no idea what is going on.


I've been trying to search the forums but not having much luck. Wiki yesterday was asking for login on anything, but the main page. Any good pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Inkling,


1st off thanks for joining the EnB EMU, when your reticle goes red it means the mobs not in range, it will go green when it is in range and you can fire.


If you right click the beam icon in your hud on slot one you can set the weapon(s) to auto fire also this meaning you do not have to press F or 1 to shoot.


Additionally if your in-game and having issues you can ask in New Player chat and ask for help either fellow players will help/answer or a GM (me or another) will gladly offer help.


Hope this answers your issue and I look forward to seeing you on-line and in game soon.



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Thanks you all for setting it up and maintaining it. Looks like a fun game.


I've seen that with the circle being red. The summoning skill usually brings in the target close enough. It does for the first summon but not second one.


Thanks for responding so fast too.

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No problems, the mobs will move away and your summoning skill is not a guaranteed skill as are others in the game as the mobs will resist :)


Oh just as a heads up pls ensure that on the game client launcher you check all 4 boxes on the left side (especially the Packet Reorder one) as they will help reduce any gateking crashes.


I'm happy to help.




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