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Guild issues

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So guild seems to be having major issues. I have been gone for a while  as IRL things happen. I came back and found someone else as guild leader so I am wondering if there is a demote timer now or if this has to do with the old bug that allowed someone to hit promote 10 times then yes 10 times to promote over their own rank?

    I also reported the issue i was having setting the ranks and now its giving me a new word that IS NOT even on the screen(is someone messing with me? lol).

If you click on an online guildy C++ runtime crashes. Screenshot2024-04-21032056.jpg.42e7af22e35bb48834d3b08c8bd753e2.jpg

Screenshot 2024-04-18 171513.jpg

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There is a timer. If the leader doesn't show up in xx amount of days then the next highest person that is logged in becomes leader. If that person is still active and in guild you can ask them to transfer back to you.  I'm not sure what the time frame is on it to lose your position though. I can't remember. 


I don't have an answer for your other issues though, sorry. 

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