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Bel's Birds of Prey is now actively Recruiting.

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Bel wants to make this an active raiding guild like the old days, But we're also here to help however we can and would enjoy just hanging and shooting the breeze. Hell make a new toon join the guild see how you like it. If you like what you see then bring whatever other toons you want to. I am the co-founder but I am no ones boss. I'm here to help just ask. If I can't help I'll find someone who can. We have an active discord with a general voice channel to hang out in, and raiding rooms set up and can add more as needed. I'm on from about 12 pm GMT to 4am GMT If you have any questions pm me in game and I'll answer whatever questions you might have. Look forward to flying with you. See you round the galaxy captains!

Bel's Birds of prey.jpg

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