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A few things I have noticed = ]

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* Technical Support forum


Ok, first, it sucks that there is no bug tracker anymore but posting in Technical Support, as advised by Woody, should be ok right? Well sure, except the sort by last posted doesn't appear to work in that forum. Even adjust by custom it will display items from 2017 when selecting most recently updated. The only way I can find items I have posted is my searching for my most recent posts.  If the devs are using this are they even aware of newer/updated bugs being posted in this forum?


I would love to see this fixed, or as a more simple option, add a new forum section for bugs.  Technically bugs and technical support is best handled in two separate sections as they tend to be very different fixes.


* Problems with Equipment Damage Control

These buffs just don't appear work for engines and reactors, and in fact, appear to do the exact opposite.


Using the 200% L8 Shooting Star reactor

  • Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip):

                Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped.

Out of around 20 deaths it suffered quality damage 5 times. Then I swapped in a 200% L8 Tang's Vigor reactor. 10 deaths, 0 times did I lose quality on the reactor Ok, RNG gods can be fickle.


I then proceeded to get a 200% L9 Prismatic Dragon Wing

  • Equipment Damage Control - Shields (Equip):

               Increases your shield's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped.

  • Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip):
     Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped.


With this installed my L8 Shooting Star reactor should be fine right? Nope, 4 deaths and lost 2% quality on it.


I then got a L9 Invincible Bastion that adds 150% Hull Damage Control. 2 deaths and it lost 1% Quality......this was while using the Prismatic Dragon Wing engine.


Am I the only one that is seeing this? Am I crazy? When people tell me not to use these items because they do not work.......is this a known issue?


Yes, I am well aware that 100% does not equate to NEVER taking quality damage but this seems like it is doing the opposite and making this gear take MORE damage. In two weeks of time I have taken more quality damage, with items using these to buffs, than I have ever taken before....and my TT does die quite a lot. 😉


NOTE: I have not seen any issue in regards to Equipment Damage Control - Devices (Equip) or Equipment Damage Control - Weapons (Equip). They both appear to be working properly.



<goes and cries in a corner>






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