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Minor suggestion to update the installation instructions for current Windows 10 users

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I suggest making a minor update to the "How do I get in the game" instructions at https://www.net-7.org/index.php#faq


Specifically this step:



11. Once there, run the 'Earth & Beyond Configuration' shortcut, and select your desired settings. Make sure you run as 'Administrator' (Rightclick the shortcut and select 'Run as Admin') and also hit the 'Performance Test'.


I've now installed the game over the last three days on three different Windows 10 machines (2x AMD-based Desktops and 1x Intel-based laptop), all running up to date Windows service packs. On each of them I have had to take an additional step here, to change the Configuration tool's exe Compatibility mode to Windows 7. Without doing that, it won't run, even as administrator.


I hope this helps future players using Windows 10!

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