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  1. [quote name='Mattsacre' timestamp='1316346862' post='46249'] Currently..TT as part of the hull patch mission get the cygni express as a item to take to herrara, you come to this item when you are still engine L3, you COULD forstall your hullpatch skill for a bunch of levels so you could equip it, but you ultimaly need to fork it over for the skill. Currently--TE (can't remember the skill involved) the same thing happens, to advance skills you take a trip around terran space and deliver to herrara this engine for skill. Note that if you forgo the skill so you can equip it, those skills are prerequisites for other skills, you won't be able to get other skills without doing the hull patch first, same with TE. Currently the "reward" for the 30HU is a emptors advantage, a device that buffs shield and reactor recharge rates. This used to be a bonus item for TT only live. [/quote] Matt - Thanks for the detailed info on the alternatives. [quote] As stated above posts, they see no reason at-this-time that the old roland holmes missions can't be dusted of and fleshed out and cygni come back in, it just lacks development, of course the terran CDev has had their hands full with other problems, so don't go castigating them, primarily the TS not being in live had to have everything written up, debugged, tested and implimented. They just now had their stuff written and coded to L135HU, don't know whats next on the terran CDevs plate, but I'm confident somewere the cygni-roland holmes story is on that list, as to its priority the CDev will have to comment on that, they are closer to the devlopment. [/quote] You may rest assured that no castigation will be forthcoming from me. Indeed, I am immensely grateful to and filled with admiration for the developers of this project. They have performed wonders, and have shown a degree of determination and persistence that is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Emu devs for making EnB live again! In summary then: Emu Devs - Yes! Roland Holmes - No. And that's OK. I just needed to know. Cheers, Mal
  2. Well met! Did the Roland Holmes mission (or some other option) get added to enable TTs to get the Cygni Express without sacrificing the hull patch skill? Thanks for the info. Cheers, Mal
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