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Can't log toons in

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Up until a couple days ago, I didn't have any issues logging my main three terran toons in.

Last night, I couldn't log three of my toons in. Mindy, Sandyte and Manfredts. I am lucky if I can get them past the galaxy loading screen. If I do, they freeze or lockup right after getting into the game.

I had a friend try and log them, and he had a lot of trouble. So, I don't think this is necessarily on my end. I did try and log bank toons in from these same accounts, and, they froze shortly after appearing on a station. So, it seems I have issues account wide on 3 accounts. These same accounts are on the same master account. I have terrans on other accounts with no issues, and, I have no issues logging other accounts in from this same master account. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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This sounds very much like a similar issue a friend of mine was experiencing (Wiz) yesterday that i was checking on for her.


Four accounts in testing, and four brand new characters were created to see if problem was with account or with the character itself. The characters made were called Glassone[1], Glasstwo[2], Glassthree[3] and Glassfour[4].


Upon all characters logging in, immediately tried using [1] to /invite [2]. The result was strait away after the /invite command was used [1] lost sync to server entirely, but on [4] it received an invite from [3]. [2] never received an invite but didnt seem to have truely landed as although character was movable within the starbase, he couldnt see any other characters or interact with anything much like [1] after he tried inviting [2], so again a desync. [3] and [4] sucessfully formed a group even though the /invite command came from [1]. Upon trying to leave the starbase only [4] actually made it outside with [3] just sitting on map screen.


A support ticket regarding this issue has been sent in, but seems a fair few people are experiencing oddities that hopefully a server restart will fix as the characters are unplayable, as you have found out yourself.




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