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Primus Sector- Resource spawn bug

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Apologies if this is a known issue I do not mean to repeat it - I did search for such issues before posting this though:


I have been mining in Primus over the past few weeks and have seen occasionally that "some" resouces spawn outside the players x,y,z zone of access (please see inserted picture from today). whilst this is a minor issue in my opinion it is still an issue that could prevent playes from gaining the "Field Cleared Bonus" for the said field. There are locations on the southern side of the map below Primus Astroid 121577F as well I just forgot to take pictures (sorry)


I have no idea if this is a rounding issue in the random spawn positions or it is a hard coded location with some measure of RND on it, all the same I have now reported it so over to you guys in the "Dark Magic Team. "  😊


Keep up the great work and many thanks,




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