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proxy is an empty file / exception during update

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Hello everyone!


Past player returning (after 7 years away it seems!) I've run through the installation but can't get the game to run. When the LaunchNet7 is updating I get an exception displayed:


"InvalidArgument=Value of '5' is not valid for 'index'


Then the proxy wont run. Looking at the 'net7proxy.exe' in '\Net-7\bin' Windows reports it as 0KB big, open it in a text editor it has no content, it is indeed an empty file.
I'm on Windows 10 (1903), I'm running 'LaunchNet7.exe' as admin.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
I've tried deleting the 'net7proxy.exe' file and the 'Net7-FileList.txt' and 'Net7-Version.txt' (and so triggering the update again) always get the above exception.


Anyone any ideas? 

Sorry if this issue has been posted before I did try and search for similar but couldn't find anything.



Thanks in advance

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Ah ha!


I tried disabling the antivirus on my PC, same result, but your suggestion led me to work out what the updater was trying to download and see if I could trigger it in some other way, and it goes to get the proxy from `http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/net7proxy.exe` which my companies firewall is blocking because it thinks it's a virus/trojan. 


I will try from my home internet tonight :) and feedback


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That worked from home, no exception when updating, downloaded the net7proxy.exe fine :)


Now I'm getting "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt" but I'll have a read on the forum see if I can find the resolution to that one...



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Fixed it - allowed `net7proxy.exe`, `LaunchNet7.exe` and `client.exe` through windows firewall, and selected my private IP not my public IP on the LaunchNet7 application - I'm in! :)

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