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Hi my real name is Jeff , the Jeff Bezos I started Playing E&B emu what Staff and equipment does it need ? AMTBA

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WARNING Of CoURSE I AM NOT JEFF BEZOS !! I's a 2020 excerise to BRAINSTORM what this EMU need from everyone involved


without Kyp consent of permission too ... 



Hi my real name is Jeff , the Jeff Bezos I started Playing E&B emu what Staff and equipment does it need ? AMTBA !


AMTBA = Ask me to buy anything


The First thing would be to Equip 


The DGM and GM staff with there own SMART Refregirator and SMART COOLEr with all the food they need to provide 24 / 7 , 365 days per year GM services to the players.


The Second would 


be to used Old Amazon server and old fiber netork to juice and crank up the E&B EMu server 


The third EA is rearing it's Ugly head becuas eit see money ... WE BUY the bugger and ban there product from AMAZOn until they capitulate to my


buying offer.


The fourth would be To fire KYP and send him on his own island with 1 Billion dollars in bitcoin 


The Fifth would be to pay each Dec and CDEV and Server dev 100 k each plus all covers medical dental eyes and mental expense covered.


Had unlimited Strudel of his choice or other pastrry for Mr Zackman


6. ( cause I am tired of writing numbers in word and I am Jeff , The Jeff Bezos i Can do whatever the heck I want , darnit !!


I start hirin Designer to make new ships new stations and new race and new mobs in a Graphic Competition with 10 000 watd msot the most content winner and maybe a few 100k job decide by the community



7 Said designer wil now make 3d Spaceship of all Race and class and t-shit and hat and other stuff.


8 I contact my good friend Dell , THE MIchael Dell and have him offer 


Low budget dell E& B machine


mid level machine


High level Alianware and have E&B loaded as default game on all his computer shipping in 2020


9 . I satrt buying ads in paper , online , redit , facethebook and Intagram telling of E7B return !!!


10 . I rent Montreal Casino in Quebec , because it'S a cheap and new Casino nd vegas is so overated and USD richly based to go to and create the first 


Earth and BEyond COn 


I make it close to free as possible depending on people attending ( so abut 500% all included ...



11.  I buy an Island in the North and Make it the Island of Earth and Beyond and spend 50 million making as resort to go see jenquai there ...


12  I have to go to sleep now so I contact casper and have them make Special Earth and beyond  , Beds with cover sheet with E&B color and ship and class ...




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