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Installing EnB on Windows 10 from scratch. Been Awhile!

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If I remember from more or less a decade back in the day. You installed EnB by doing the following:


I am trying to run this on the latest update of Windows 10 on an Alienware R14 laptop. FYI.


So the steps are (I think?)


1) Run the old original file eandb_demo.exe (let it chug awhile)


2) Then you install the file enb_up.exe (the upgrade patch)


3) Then the Net-7_Install.exe


4) Then run the puppy and it will update itself.


And 'supposedly' if I remember right...yippie..skippie it all works!


(I should know better was a Dev/GM back in the day: Searing)


Let me know if some other Vodoo or Exorcism is necessary yet to get this to run with Windows 10.


Also use 'small words' I'm a lot 'older' now.





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Well found my old account. Seems I've been slapped down to 'member'...serves me right for not following the 'way' of EnB and its Zen like Project.


Anyway,  let me know how this Windows 10 thing works out, if as in above message. And I'll see if I can install it without blowing up my laptop


nor the Server. (you laugh, ask some of the oldtimers of my antics)


good to be back :)


have time now 'retired' and bored out of my gord


The game Server Avatar is fine an hunky dory..just been away from the forms.


Folk can PM me on here if they wish and or post here on how the project is going...looks fine from my end of the forum





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Well did the install in the following order. I think I updated the patch twice because I just hit return to every guestion asked by the game install..I did read them

but had no better ideas then yes for most.


So again did the following and all went well. I even used Searing an account I thought lost for 10 years and it pop'd up. It was lost in a crash but somehow after I left

and was not around for those years...some DEV must have found/fixed it ...that was kinda nice.


Anyway the steps below on full and 'fresh' install on an Alienware R14 Laptop with all the bells and whistles and Windows !0 with current patches.


Steps again were:


1) Run the old original file eandb_demo.exe (let it chug awhile)


2) Then you install the file enb_up.exe (the upgrade patch)


3) Then the Net-7_Install.exe


4) Then run the puppy and it will update itself.


So it was pretty painless.


My only suggestion is in the actual area on www.net-7.org where you downlooad this a 'brief' text file for newbies (I knew this) that (1) you can create characters

in game as an option also you don't need to run character creator addon. (2) The proper order on above. I suspect I did NOT need to run (2) then enb_up.exe upgrade patch.

It seems to me that running Net-7_install.exe did that as well. Worked fine but did not likely need that duplication of effort. Anyway a suggestion.


Other than above review on an install after frigging what at least 7 years or so. All is well with EnB emulator on the new 1 year old Alienware Laptop.


By the By the reason for the move:


I got tired of Windows 10 on 3 machines so on a one a desktop and the old enb win 10 Toshiba p500 (10 years old) I put on Lubuntu 19.04 and will use them as a

5 min install to just run them for web pages for gmail etc. I got tired of all the anti-spyware and advanced system care and the croaks on 2x a year windows 10

updates (especially the 10 year old toshiba machine) Thus when I really need a windows 10 machine (like for enb) I will simply use the standing desk one of the

Alienware laptop. Still a pain sometimes but hell, better than keeping 3 of these up..when the other 2 I mostly use for web based action anyway. As an FYI.






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I have tried everything i know how to do, i have followed the step layout in this guide and nothing works, i usually get this error or some variation of it.  



This is the what the launcher looks like if you click continue



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


thank you

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