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  1. If I remember from more or less a decade back in the day. You installed EnB by doing the following: I am trying to run this on the latest update of Windows 10 on an Alienware R14 laptop. FYI. So the steps are (I think?) 1) Run the old original file eandb_demo.exe (let it chug awhile) 2) Then you install the file enb_up.exe (the upgrade patch) 3) Then the Net-7_Install.exe 4) Then run the puppy and it will update itself. And 'supposedly' if I remember right...yippie..skippie it all works! (I should know better was a Dev/GM back in the day: Searing) Let me know if some other Vodoo or Exorcism is necessary yet to get this to run with Windows 10. Also use 'small words' I'm a lot 'older' now. Brad
  2. nice post but your poll options does not work comes up with don't have perm error gonzo
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