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EnB Graphics Performance Tweaks and Tricks

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Howdy Friends!

I am only just now getting back into the game but I love to tweak and hack. I have found a couple of methods to significantly improve performance as well as graphics for EnB...especially with regards to multi-sessions. 

My Rig: 3 year old high end (for 3 years ago) gaming rig.

Latest at the time Core i7 CPU

32gb ram

Nvidia GTX 980 GPU

2 1TB Samsung SSD Drives

Note: I am not sure if RTSS will work with AMD GPUs...the following is based on my Nividia powered system. 


The Problem:

Enb is an old game and with new hardware the frames per second runs off the charts. This causes lag and instability with subsiquent sesssions and even on a high end machine causes stutters and other artifacts when using other applications. In a nutshell its 100% wasted GPU power. 

You can see your fps like this ingame by typing in /fps and hitting enter.....



Install RTTS and limit the FPS


Once you install RTSS Open it and select Framerate Limit. Put in whatever you like (I go with 60) and hit enter. 






Using those extra GPU cycles for better graphics:

Lets take a close look at Force's (My PS) wings...



Ugly Jagged lines. The same thing can been seen in structures, stations, avatar appendages, Just about anything that is stationary. 




The FIX:
Open Nividia settings > Adjust Image Settings with preview. Select the bottom radio button and move the slider all the way to quality. 

There are many many other tweaks available in Manage 3D settings but this is the easiest way.....you will need to relaunch the game to reflect changes. 





Another thing that is worth mentioning is for first time log in with all characters you will need to adjust the graphics settings in the game. Otherwise you will have very ugly blurry textures. This is a very common fix and known to a lot of players but just in case you didnt know.....


Default Settings Ship Texture and Decals:






FIX: GO to Options > Graphics > Uncheck the "Use Recommended Values and move all the sliders but the first one to max.




Was a bit rushed typing this out before I have to leave for work but I hope this helps someone out!








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I'm testing this (RTSS + driver profile) on a budget AMD Ryzen 2400G system (no dedicated video card).


Things i did differently:

* changed Application Detection Level to none, and applied the rate limiter to client.exe only. (GPU usage lowered by 30%)

* I dove into Radeon Settings and created a the profile shown below (for client.exe) (Quality improved, GPU usage went up a bit)





This saw the quality go up by a noticeable difference and the GPU still has 20% less load on it.

So far things seem to be working right. Will update if it goes sideways.


P.S.: Don't choose SuperSampling for Anti-aliasing Method. It does horrible things to text.


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Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. I do not have an AMD rig to test on so I really appreciate you sharing the equivelent AMD method. 

In addition to that I'll also create a profile in RTSS JUST for EnB...as I do not want...say witcher 3 running at 60fps. I want all mah FPSZ!

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