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I am recently a new player, well I played this game when it first came out, but here is my problem, which I am not sure if its a bug or just my machine.  First off, when I go to the intergalactic net terminal, after it finishes loaded it is a white screen.  Second, when I go to trade, I noticed that some of the icons are not showing up.  Third, I recently bought 2 bobcat level 2 beam weapons, but when I installed them on the ship and then launched, I could not see, I was surrounded with in a bubble, I am guessing that it did not know the weapons model.  Fourth,  when I go into the manufactures hub,  the icons seem to be blurry.  And last, when i go to dock, i see a buttons that say register and dock, what does the register button do?  I am on a windows 10 machine and I included pictures to show you what i see.  Thank you.

Missing Icon1.jpg



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Try this may help with graphic blur....menu===options===graphics  untick the use recommended and slide all sliders fully right except the gamma control one..The register button will place the station as your home one without docking so if you die  you will be towed to it for repairs

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