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Special exp weekends

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I'm not very informed about what's going on with EnB at the moment, as i have not played much lately, but are there reccuring events running?

I was playing EnB @ release and played until it's last summer and i know how darn slow the 150 levels were, and they seem to be still, and, it's kind of boring these days with the insta satisfaction in mmos of today, and i think i have been damaged by that. Most certainly, i have been affected by it.

I am not asking for a permanent exp increase, but an event each month at a weekend where double or triple exp are given from all activities. 

It might even draw more people in to the game if they felt a quicker progress of their toons sometimes.


I remember at the EnB emu beta there were an exp increase when i played it. It was really fun. :)  To have that at one weekend each or every two month, would that hurt?


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I have seen 30% XP boosts during the Christmas festivities.  I am not sure if this is going to continue in the future.


Show up for the Christmas stuff for the Polar Express even if the XP boost is not present.

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