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Question regarding item buff interaction with skill.

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This question is directed toards the Dev's, unless som1 else ingame has tested this recently.


So as i lvl my 1st toon closer towards max level, im getting closer to starting to collect gear for my final build.

As such i have a question about a specific item buff and how it interacts with the skill it buffs.


The buff

"Improve Shield Inversion (equip)"

However, its NOT the version that "adds X seconds of damage"

its is the one that "improves Shield Inversion by X levels when equiped"


I know some skills in the game when affected by an item which increases its level, will go beyond the max level a player can level it themselves.

So say a Skill can be leveled to 7 but an item buff can actualy make it go to 9.

Whilst other skills simply max out at the maximum level a player can naturaly level it to regardless of item buff.


My questions are.


  • How does the Improved shield inversion buff " Improves shield inversion by X levels" affect shield inversion if a player has shield inverion at its max level of 7 ?
  • Does the damage increase? 
  • Does the range increase ?




Found out myself.

Seems to max out at lvl 10. I have a item that increases by 4, but i only get the range increase of 3 levels (0.75k). Damage also increases though i cant work out if it is by 3 or 4 levels.


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