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How do I get to log into game?


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You can find the files at https://www.net-7.org/ you'll have to setup your account there. 1. install the client, 2. the patch and 3. Net-7.  4. you'll need to run the E$BConfig.exe in the EBCONFIG folder as administrator to set your system with the screen resolution. There is a windowed mode that I use with one screen, but usually, I've got a dual monitor system I use and don't use the windowed mode. The starship and character program needs a tweak in the shortcut properties so you can create 3 additional avatar types, for 9 total, versus the original 6 types. You can search in the search field for that. Ok, I found a note I have on that:


2. Make a shortcut to Character and Starship Creator on desktop (or wherever)

3. Right click the shortcut and go to properties. Add this on the end of the target box after the " enter:
please note that there is a space before the hyphen

4. Make sure your account in EnB has a blank character spot and remember where that character spot is. The slot the character you make in the creator is in must be open in your EnB account to import it. If your character in the creator was placed in the slot on the left, the slot on the left must be open on your account to import it. The first character you create in the Character and Starship Creator will always been in slot 1, the slot on the very right.

5. Run Character and Starship Creator and select the new class using the large blue arrows near the bottom of the screen. Then create your new character.

6. Run EnB and the character should be ready to play in your character selection screen. 

See the addition I made to Imp's original post of this thread. You do that to the shortcut that launches the character creator. In simplest terms, right click it, go to properties. You should see a "target path" on the general tab. Go to the end of what's in that box after the quotes and type a single space, then: 


then click apply and ok. After that, use that shortcut to start your character creator and you should be set.

Hope this helps some.



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