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Terran "must do" mission list?

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There may not be an answer for this, but I am looking for missions for Terrans that would be considered "must do" for equipment, devices, and for crafting. 


There isn't a site or list that I could find readily with such information. 


(EDIT: I'd be happy to find such a list for Progen and Jenquai too! )


Any insights are are greatly appreciated in advance. 

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Hi . Geboran

Your question might seem correct and simple on the surface but it's not.


Firstly Terran are a Race , so is Progen and Jenquai they are not on their own a definitive charactherization.

because each race as three class type :


- Explorer Class

- Warrior Class

- Trader Class


So you have 9 type of ships ( 3 Races X 3 Class Type )  , with different skills and different devices and different missions possibility, in total.


I refer you to the wiki for there names and starting area and different class 




As you can see above the terran as three named ships :


- Terran Enforcer ( Warrior Class )

- Terran Trader ( Trader Class )

- Terran Scout ( Explorer  Class )


Once you understand this, it become easier to do research on your own  and find out what your looking for.


Some good ressources for starting are : 






Some outdated but still relevant guide :




and also New Player Help on here :




As Alway you are better served by Joining the Game and asking in the new Player channel


Even better is joining one of the big guild in the game and asking them to mentor and guide you.




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