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New (Recycled) Mission Idea With A Result Many Would Like

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Antares needs a build terminal. For those of us who enjoy hunting there, having to jump out to Kailaasa is a bit of a PITA. How about a mission that builds upon what is already in code? Have the player base supply some large amount of ore to Ariad so a build terminal can be built and installed. It's just a little bone for us. While places like Cooper and Grissom have no place to do the same, at least you can take one or two hops to QAR and build ammo. Plus, most of the good loot doesn't stack in Antares...those ammo stacks take up a lot of space. And for those of us who enjoy the peace and serenity of mining to ambient music on our Jennies, it gives us another reason to mine besides getting ammo ores or pure xp.

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