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Down To "the 10 Days Of Christmas" Now?

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With the last server restart, early on January 4th, it seems the Christmas content has been removed.  From reading the launcher notes it seems to have been started on Christmas day.


So that is a less than 2 weeks, right?  During the busiest time of the year it would be nice if we had a little more in the way of content time than 10 days. 


Reading further down in the notes it seems that the Halloween content was removed on December 20th.  Now I am not a regular player, and log in during the Holidays for Santa's presents and was in the middle of it and POOF, all gone :(  Some of my toons got it, some didn't.


If it was meant to only be 10 days, so be it.


It just seemed a bit short this year.  Would it hurt anything to have been a bit longer?

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So, Zackman, I saw your post on the SERVER STATUS page, and I wont reply there because the server status has not changed, and it would be bad form, and it looked like this:




We also re-enabled xmas again for a few...

And I was overjoyed!  I logged in and saw no Mary Christmas or Snowmen, and my heart fell *sigh*


Thanks for the try.  I almost thought that I could get thru the mission again :/

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Many thanks for reloading the Christmas content.


I just logged in again to see if Mary and the gang are there (they were YAY!) and completed the mission on the last of my toons.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! ;)

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