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Suggestion: Red Dragon Letter Of Marque

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The idea is to make a mission line to access a permanet or termporary device to lower the faction lost when killing Red Dragons. 


In my book the grind of cl 23-28 Chavez to fix the Red Dragon Faction after you have been naughty at the Red Dragon Base or in the 46s Red Dragons in Cooper is tidious. Especially when the toon is not a Progen Warrior or Progen Privateer.


The item could come in 3 fashions: Letter of Marque Bronze (Reduce Faction Lost by 33% equip), Silver  (66%) Gold (99%) if its a temporary device (lets say 6 hours).


Or put the chance on the item to loose quality every kill. Lets say 25% chance to loose 1% each kill so it would hit 0% and become useless around 400 kills on average.


I dont know much about coding so if this is impossible or simply too much work for this minor improvement of the gameplay, please discard the idea.


Cheers for all the awesome work you guys put in this for all of us.

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