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Imbued Synthesized Crystal

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Just a suggestion, but the imbued synthesized crystal that drops from the Voltoi boss in Dahin, only gets used in two items, the Intent of the resolute, and the aspiration of the faithful. Now i know a lot of guys prefer either the HotM, or the SSR9 reactor (for obvious reasons). As a suggestion would it possible to make a lvl 8 version of the reactor, and engine made from this particular crystal? Same approximate buffs ( not as high as the lvl 9's counter parts) but similar, this way this mini raid would be used a bit more often. Being the SS8 (solar Sail) isnt in game, and we jenpies do not really have a good alternative engine, and terrans being restricted to lvl 8 reactors all races could benefit if there was lvl 8 and 9 of the reactor and engine. 

Right now the only ones that get to use both at the same time are progens, which is kind of one sided IMHO...

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Its Progen and Terran since no Progen can use a L9 Engine


The xtal is the hard to get part (find and kill MPP) and some ppl willing to help u get the raid done. Both items Buildeable are really good for the classes they've been designed for. My TE loves the low sig and reactor boostin Engine my PP love the sig reduce and huge recharge rate of the reactor.


I think its good the way it is now.


My TE with his Intent and boosted with a  pleiades reactor + max rally already reaches negative signatures (like-0.3) if we combine that with (Imaginated) L8 Aspiration Reactor lets say -60% radar footprint (Equiped) and +6 reactor recharge (not stacking with Intent) it would be awesome but too much. 


Same on my PP 0.1 sig without any other buffs only from Aspiration and UF engine and hell of a Reactor reload if we put a L8 Intent to that (warp 4k thrust 175 drain 32) Recharge shields +44.9% shield recharge,+18 Reactor Recharge and -23.00 Shield Recharge when equipped. would be awesome but again.. too much.


I Like the Idea of bringing new items to the game and i know till the l8 Solar sail comes back to the game its hard to get low sig for progens and reactor power for terrans but thats the way it was designed. And as a JD u should be able to find some suiteable engines.  


I would suggest since the Terrans get a L9 Engine and Progens a L9 Reactor there should be a L9 ... uhm maybe... device for Jenquai use only with some awesome stats/boosters manufaturable from that xtal to have all 3 races satisfied.

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I am always wanting something new, it is not a problem for me to get my sig to nothing and have a extremely high recharge rate. They added a SSR7-0 reactor, which is cool, and a nice reactor, but trying to get the parts is next to impossible. Terrans could use a equipped sig reduction of let say 50-65% for when they are soloing. Honestly there are not really any good engines out there for a JD that buffs his unique skill set that gives us a low sig, plus buffs our unique skill set. Trifid is ok, but it is @ 3750, Io decent gives us HDC, but what good is that if you never really get shot up into your hull, Ursa is more for a JE, but has a extremely high signature. Aspiration takes care of a high sig, but not everyone runs an Aspiration of the Faithful. Most want the HotM, and I am one of few that doesn't, But having an engine that gives us a shunt to reactor equip plus a low sig will open up more possibilities.

The reason why I brought this up, is because a lot of people have the crystal just sitting in there vaults somewhere not being used.

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