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Found 6 results

  1. I got a hp stream laptop which has almost no storage at all but I have an external hard drive.. can I run the game with all the files running completely off the hard drive? Or would I need x amount of space on my actual laptop?? Any insight appreciated ty I'd love to get back into it
  2. Hey everyone. I was just wanting to get some help. I’m trying to find some old school players that my dad and I used to play with. Back in the day, before they canceled E&B, we were part of the Armada guild. There was Remmington, Mouse, & Sypher. My dad was Ken. He helped beta test when they were trying to get it back up and running and played faithfully until 2014 when cancer took him. I know now it’s a long shot, but if anyone can help... please let me know it would mean a lot.
  3. This is not the typical multi-box issue (server already running).. I recently encountered a situation where, upon opening Net-7 launcher, everything worked totally fine (past the regular multi-box error of 'already running'), past character select, and actually logged into the game. I then tried to repeat the process with a second client ('with or without' the multi-box tool makes no difference),  upon passing character selection on the second client though, for some reason what ended up happening was the first instance of Net-7 proxy got disconnected, and the second Net-7 Proxy magically took over connection of the 2nd client, and limited functionality of the first client, (they were BOTH connected through the second instance of Net-7 proxy, while the first instance remained disconnected and idle).   Its rather strange I know, and I went to great lengths to try and figure out what was causing it... Many re installs, firewall, routers settings.. etc. The problem turned out to be something way easier. It was in fact VPN software that I had installed. What ever the installation process was to ensure secure service with this software, doing so made it impossible for net-7 proxy to run 2 instances and connected with independent clients. After uninstalling the VPN software, I am once again able to connect properly to the game. Hope this saves a few headaches one day Cheers, -Tral
  4. I have been having no issues playing until now. Love E&B!!! Now the game freezes after character selection. I've tried everything I could read/find, nothing is working. Please help!
  5. I have reached lvl 33 and cannot get my hull upgrade. I'm not sure what happened to the 2 crates of Nanobots from Havyair, but i cannot get them back... and i can't forfeit the quest to start over... help? I'm on stage 4/16 of the quest line. See the attachement for a picture of the quest Thanks! Didzolian [attachment=1997:E-B Sent.JPG]
  6. I just heard about this EMU a couple hours ago while playing STO, and having fond memories of this game when it first ran (I was known as Caesarion on the Orion Server once upon a time) so thought I might try it again. The install has been pretty smooth so far, and I've got it running, HOWEVER whenever the game loads it comes up in this tiny window and I can't read the text in the chat mode or much of anything. I tried fixing this by going into the config program in the game directory and it SEEMED to work (ran the polygon test successfully and everything) but when I start the game I'm still stuck in windowed mode. I'm running this through the NET 7 client (the E&B icon just hung when I tried to use it). I'm thinking I must be missing a configuration window somewhere. The game itself (under video in options) doesn't seem to have an option to mess with the display. Hopefully I'm being clear enough, and someone can let me know how to fix this.
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