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  1. Didzolian is the toon name - ive just quit playing him until i figure it out... already hard enough to be a PS
  2. No traderun... but it is possible it was sold at some point in time... i left for a business road trip and came back in the middle of it... so not entirely sure.. i just dont know how to fix it without a GM.
  3. Do you cap the donations for a month? I wouldn't mind donating, but can't figure out how to donate... and the note says that we have reached our goal. I have really missed this game! Glad it is back! Hope we can keep it around for a long time
  4. I have reached lvl 33 and cannot get my hull upgrade. I'm not sure what happened to the 2 crates of Nanobots from Havyair, but i cannot get them back... and i can't forfeit the quest to start over... help? I'm on stage 4/16 of the quest line. See the attachement for a picture of the quest Thanks! Didzolian [attachment=1997:E-B Sent.JPG]
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