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Found 2 results

  1. I don't see a category like that, and if there is it's probably buried by other technical stuff. Seems like a good one-stop place to try to find about lore and world questions, which are important for some people and for content design. I'm hazy on a lot of things in the worldbuilding side of things, but if I ask, i'm sure that a lot of people who are focused on gameplay instead might just fail to care entirely. The people who are interested in lore tend to be some of the better players as far as continuing playing, exploring, and doing all of the content that the dev team strives to put out other than just constantly repeating That One FOTM Raid.
  2. I propose a "Why it's like that" thread for existing features, to be managed by and have posting restricted to a forum admin, player advocate, or other designee. The purpose is to create a set of reference posts for the features so that the suggestions made in this forum can be as well-informed as possible. Each post in the sticky would have an explanation for a single feature or mechanic - what it's supposed to do, how it currently operates, what other mechanics depend on it, etc. The list of features can be derived from the suggestions here at first and the design docs / knowledge of things in game later. The reason for this is that amid the back and forthing about the merits of a suggestion, there's a lot of information being brought up as to why the suggestion will/won't work or what impact it would have. This information would be great to have before the suggestion is made as the suggester could then take it into consideration before posting. I think this would lead to better suggestions overall, not to mention cutting down a lot of wrangling in threads. Thoughts?
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