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Found 3 results

  1. How can we get new players into the game? I have tried so many times on game site that talk about emulators and see a lot of people saying how much they miss this game. I tell them about this one and even include a link how to get here. When i first started playing the game would hit close to 200 players online. Now we are lucky to see 40 people. What can we do without getting the game in trouble?
  2. I popped into normal game this morning and a few players asked me how to get to PTR Server. Any chance of changing the main launcher to link to PTR Server using the drop down list, that is where a few tried (as I did) and gave up. If I wasn't directed to the thread on the forums, I would not have bothered, which I believe a few do.
  3. Old school player here. Just found this and I couldn't be more excited. We used to run one of the most solid guilds (as rated by old players) in all the universes. I was wondering is it posible to recover old accounts? I have looked here and there and have not been able to find an answer. My sister and I can NOT WAIT to get home tonight and get set up again.   :lol: Luv, Maerah President of Harmonious Discord and Head of Department of Orbital Junk naming Guild: taH're paP'sI
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