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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, pilots, As of 0625 Eastern US, on April 19, 2013, I was promoted to "Head", or Editor if you will, of Net-7 News. I'm honored to now sit at the Editor's desk of NET-7 SOL. As I learn more of what that entails and feel out my extended reach into the Project, (I'm still not a full member of N7 Entertainment), I will be putting out a call for Reporters. I have put out there that I am in no way territorial about Reporting the in-game news and now I get to back that up with a call for dedicated, creative, entertaining, sensational, and tactful Reporters for each of the races, Jenquai, Progen, and Terran. As pilots have seen, a Reporter gets to transmit in the yellow News Channel, type up articles in the www.net-7.org news tabs, and run around as I have discovering news as it happens and as it comes from pilots, Guilds, changes to the game from Developers, and more public maneuvers from GameMasters. I have said before that Net-7 News is meant to entertain pilots and give informative flavor, sometimes called "fluff" to the game world. I took a humorous approach. A Reporter also upholds journalistic objectivity to all sides of issues concerning the Emulator. Finally, a Reporter shows integrity in that he does all that he says he will to the best the Emulator (and by extension, the Project) will allow. I've been labeled a loudmouth, a town crier, a lecherous rat, and many other descriptors in the past as these eight months. Yet, more pilots show a desire to see the news and get clues to the goings-on of the Sunrise galaxy. News Reporters need to understand that the crowd can be tough on them more often than not. I still get poked for typos in-game and on the Portal Newsroom. It truly is a fun job for me. If I've piqued your interest in this task-set, or perhaps you have an affinity for the news of a particular race, please send me a Private Message, either here in the Forum or a /tell in-game when you see me online. This is assuredly not a full-time job and certainly not something we want to flood the chat channels with lest pilots type /n7newsoff. To be sure, the [N7R] position crosses all Guild lines and barriers, reaching out to all pilots who make the mistake of communicating with the press. Finally, I'd like a team of co-workers that are spread out over the time zones so as to allow all our pilots exposure to the Net-7 News label and transmissions. I'd like to cover as many time zones, yes even the low population hours. Drooling yet? Net-7 Reporters are tagged and released with the [N7R] tag and are treated like the press, so buyer beware. This tag is toggled on and off with a command so if you're only online to play, it can be toggled off. You'll get to bug Devs who deem you worthy to leak clues, new Content, and subtle hints. Through you, the Reporter, the Content team will have a means to advertising somewhere other than the Patch Notes in the login screen. Finally, there may be in the works a Forum area that may Soon(TM) become a sub-Forum for longer articles that won't fit into chat newsblurbs or is too large for the Portal Newsroom. Reporters will be able to help pilots with their articles and entertain at the same time. Objectivity, integrity, entertainment, and fun are what the Net-7 News team is about. The most we suffer is /ignore and /n7newsoff, which is fine by me. Be ready to be coached and guided by the Devs and the GMs, as us Reporters are subject to their transmissions stipulations. They are the FCC to Net-7 News. Respect them as they honor you as a Reporter and field correspondent. Lastly, I shamelessly plug here that the Net-7 News team is 50% roleplaying, in a harsh, "grizzled gamers" world where most only play to get the ubercentric, cool drop to let other pilots touch on occasion. Be ready to plow through such detritus and bring the Earth & Beyond Storyline resource forth and into the light as we move forward with Timeline content and innovations from the Content Developers. Can you match wits with the pilot masses and work with the N7 Entertainment staff? From the Editor's desk at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat. P.S. Current and lately transmitting N7R staff are myself and Ryle. We answer to Shaddex, who is letting out the leash a little. My thanks to him.
  2. Hi, Here are some suggestions that have been brought up before by the users at some point. So I'm listing them here for you guys to mull over. 1. Would you guys in web dev consider a direct link on the Net-7.Org site to the Support Ticket system site, and another for the new bug tracker right on the main menu? This would be some nice to have items, and make things a bit easier for all involved. 2. One other item has to do with the database search function. Can the search page be setup so a person using it doesn't have to re-scroll down the page when reselecting the tab after viewing an item after a search? This would be a nice improvement to an already well designed site. 3. Unify the site news to the Net-7 Launcher. Please make the Net-7 Launcher pull the news contained from the same source web page. This way, all the news for those who read the release notes and news in the launcher can be easily read on the Portal site. Lastly, Thanks a ton for all your hard work on this emulator guys. I know that all who play share this view that your investments in skill and donated time, combined with player/user colaboration will continue to make this emulator as great if not better than live. Thanks for reading... -Overt.
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