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Found 2 results

  1. I had a previous issue on my laptop to were I couldn't load up the net7 launcher the normal way, it seems to be a aero issue. However it is not just this game that has this issue, it is the entire windows 7 line as well as laptops more so then desktops. Posted below is a fix until the dev's he can figure out something. [color=#FF0000][b]SOLUTION 1:[/b][/color] Hover over the taskbar LaunchNet7 an press [color=#FFFF00][b]ALT + SPACE-BAR[/b][/color], then click [color=#d3d3d3][b]Maximize[/b][/color]. [color=#ff0000][b]SOLUTION[/b][/color][color=#FF0000][b] 2:[/b][/color] You can also right click on [i]LaunchNet7 on your desktop > select Properties > under Shortcut Tab > find Run: select [b][color=#0000FF]Maximized[/color][/b] instead of [b]Normal Window[/b].[/i]
  2. I just heard about this EMU a couple hours ago while playing STO, and having fond memories of this game when it first ran (I was known as Caesarion on the Orion Server once upon a time) so thought I might try it again. The install has been pretty smooth so far, and I've got it running, HOWEVER whenever the game loads it comes up in this tiny window and I can't read the text in the chat mode or much of anything. I tried fixing this by going into the config program in the game directory and it SEEMED to work (ran the polygon test successfully and everything) but when I start the game I'm still stuck in windowed mode. I'm running this through the NET 7 client (the E&B icon just hung when I tried to use it). I'm thinking I must be missing a configuration window somewhere. The game itself (under video in options) doesn't seem to have an option to mess with the display. Hopefully I'm being clear enough, and someone can let me know how to fix this.
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