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Found 1 result

  1. [attachment=2884:s.jpg] The Hunt for the Wolfsdottir - An Earth & Beyond Emulator Event by Pakkrat Sponsored by: Pakkrat Industries - What can PI do for you? Shadow's House of Pain Net-7 News The hunt is on for the Wolfsdottir, an AWOL Defender and possibly a Progen genes-thief. This secret mission has ramifications that can shake the relations between the Jenquai and the Progen. Contestants should be of only two classes, the Progen Sentinel or the Jenquai Defender. Those hunters should be subscribed to the [Sentinels] channel (if deploying a Sentinel) or the [Defenders] channel (if portraying a Defender). Object of the Event: Pilots must find the Kaojin Destroyer named Wolfsdottir. Once discovered, the pilot has a choice to make. They can: Report the x,y,z coordinates via Shift-T while targeting her Attempt to capture her in either a Psi Shield or a Repulsor Field Allow the Wolfsdottir to bribe them, allowing her to escape Blow the cover off the secret mission by /tell Pakkratius the girl's location Rules: 1. Secret Mission - no other race or classes may participate. They are not part of the story and not given the mission. Presence of any non-Sabine or non-Shinwa at the time of locating the Wolfsdottir forfeits the mission reward. Players may not group a Defender with a Sentinel. The two classes are not aware that they mutually hunt for the Wolfsdottir. Non-Defenders and non-Sentinels may not aid or point contestants to the Wolfsdottir. 2. The Wolfsdottir must hide outside pirate space and near a discoverable or hidden nav-point, space body (a planet or named planetoid), or just off to the side of any main nav-path. She may not enter Moto during the hunt. She may, in later months, add cloaking to the challenge. The hunted Kaojin may not hide in the Jenquai newbie sector, Europa. During the Event, the Wolfsdottir may not dock anywhere. 3. The pilot may [Roleplay] during the event so long as they do not betray the secret mission. Alternatively, role-play may occur on the [Defenders] or [Sentinels] channels as pilots of the same Faction may aid each other. 4. There can be only one victor who decides the fate of the Wolfsdottir. In later months and further Events, the victor toon is excluded from the Event. Please try another eligible class. 5. A dossier on the Wolfsdottir can be found in the Roleplaying sub-Forum under the thread "Post Your Character Bios." 6. Q/A can be /tell to Pakkratius (Event Manager) who will be the final judge on the victorious. 7. For more information on the story of the Event, read the novel, Wolf's Daughter by Pakkrat in the Roleplaying sub-Forum. 8. Contestants may not seek aid from Game Masters, Developers, or other Net-7 Entertainment Staff. Net-7 Entertainment Staff are excluded from the Event unless they are playing their "Player Account". 9. The Wolfsdottir has toggled her "Only my Friends can see my login/location" checkbox, so Friending her will not help. 10. The Event happens only once per month. Then the story resets itself the following month. Once a victor is declared on the appropriate channel, the Event is over for that month. The Wolfsdottir will only be logged on for several hours. The player of Wolfsdottir cannot stay online forever. If no immediate victor occurs, the Event may be continued to the next time the Wolfsdottir is logged on. 11. Thou shalt not get away with exploits of this Event. Net-7 News is watching. This list of rules is subject to change as exploits are found and dealt with. 12.  /tip command used on the Wolfsdottir, to probe the sector for her presence, allows the Wolfsdottir to move a number of nav-points in any direction she chooses as probes warn her of nearby hunters.  The number of navs she is pushed is equal to the number of /tips she receives.  This metagaming reaction may push the Wolfsdottir into a new sector that may have already been searched and cleared.  This rule is to curb /tipping by invited pilots and uninvited pilots of non-Event classes.  Please don't spoil the fun for those fully involved in the Event. Rewards: Credits and Player-made systems will be given directly to the player via a /tip command and trading a class-appropriate system. Some systems include: Crimson Force Barrier, Defender's Do-Marou Shield, Diamond Scale, Platinum Scale, and other devices, (Including Agrippa Technology) that are a valued addition to the winning Sentinel or Defender. Later, more choices will be offered to the victorious pilot. Helpful Notes: The Wolfsdottir is Overall Level 55-100, has no Build Skills and is generally found to be hunting mobs upon discovery. Her vessel, the Warchild is a black and red Jenquai Defender. In later months, the Event will become more challenging. The Wolfsdottir may try to hide via Cloak, evade capture by impulse thrusting or use of Fold Space, or other skills. Pilots will eventually need the buff "See Cloaked". Contestants should monitor the [Defenders] channel or [Sentinels] channel for dialogues from the cast for clues or updates, (such as a declared victor). Once the Wolfsdottir levels up and out of the OL55-100 range, the Shinwa and the Sabine give up on finding her and will conclude the monthly Events. Cast of Characters: Wolfsdottir (JD), a member of the Kaojin, the Destroyers, a sub-sect of the Shinwa that believes all reality is illusion and thus they can engage the Dance of Annihilation without moral quandary. She will try to bribe the pilot. Pakkratius (PS), the Anchor-rat for Net-7 News alongside anchorwoman Zona Mason. In the story, he is excluded from the secret mission due to his news affiliation. He will be the reward-giver to the pilot who betrays the secret mission to the press. Jooli (JD), the mission-giver for the Shinwa Defenders. She rewards the victor if that pilot is a Defender. Caiushellstrom (PS), the mission-giver for the Sabine Sentinels. He rewards the victor if the pilot is a Sentinel.
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