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Found 3 results

  1. So just a few thoughts.. First off prefixing this with a big dose of love for the Devs and Gms for their hard work.. this aint a bitching or a negative post in anyway shape or form, and also with an acknowledgement that i'm not a particularity very knowledgeable player having played live and the emu for awhile but by no means an expert. But im just wondering on if there is a consensus on if the Jenqaui classes could do with a little extra love and a bit of a re balance. In short from discussions and from what i've witnessed i wonder if all three classes are a little under powered.. My reasoning being thus. 1. Raids (power management/Debuffing). :- Now the jenqaui by design arent meant to be combat orientated of the three races, However, they have been designed to have a place in a big raid/ hunting group either as the support class (je/jt) providing power and debuffs/buffs) or as a glass cannon in the JD. As it currently stands however there is very little they bring to the party and thus (optimal groups dont include them) and they can struggle to get into any group. With the other classes now much more able to manage their own power (with the right equipment./setup) and debuffing/buffing not being that specific to a class as everyone seems to have debuff capabilities and buffing pre fight) they really struggle to actually bring anything and are dropped in-favour of more damage output or another tt healer. WIth the exception of the JD and summon they dont seem to have a purpose and this should be balanced slightly imo. The strength of this wonderful game is the cooperation and balance between the simple classes, but i believe that this is current broken. 2. JE (Mining exploring). :- If the Projen are the Warriors , the terrans are the traders (healers) then the Jenquai are meant to be the explorers/miners.. Therefore the JE should be the be all or end all of mining. However after a number of discussions it would seem that the general (although small sample size) consensus is that a TS will outmine a JE if equipped right..? im wondering if this plays out across a wider opinion and if so , surely this is wrong.. Otherwise what does the JE bring as a choice of toon, other than Taxi service of the WH.. I know its covered by previous points but the lack of the special skill in compulsory contemplation also hurts the JE when the other classes have theirs.. (ps im totally biased as the JE was always my favorite class, but the point should still stand) 3. JT. (confused) :- To me still seems a weak and confused class, not bringing anything to a group (beams + cc + shield recharge) in a formation just dont seem to mesh well... and their survivability for a healer gaining aggro so quickly means that she is just not effective in anway way.. Reactor recharge just doesnt actually mean that much, especially when compared against other class skills , especially as its meant to be its unique skills and the afore mentioned power management or lack there of. 4. JD ?:- interested to hear thoughts but as i'm still leveling one i cant attest other than to repeat that its been badly nerfed compared to live and can now be easily matched and surpassed by the PW in terms of damage output.. so only really brings summon to a party.. Surely this shouldn't be the case. The JD playing the traditional rogue class should require skillful play but deal the most damage whereas the PW should be the classic tank but less damage character.??? 5. Devices. :- So to me the strengths of having cloak and devices seem to be negated somewhat.. I cant honestly say that the devices available to the Jenquai classes are any better than those to the terrans/projen and even the number of slots available dont make much of an advantage when people hot-swap, buff up and then go into a battle.. so having more slots is not soo much of an advantage. Its entirely possible that im missing something, but i cant remember a time when playing as a Jenquai toon of any type that bringing a device or devices made any difference.. and the only question ever asked is did you bring the chim / chilli.. Surely its these classes arent meant to be just a chim/chilli holder. Maybe this is an issue that is only really prevalent because so many people have soo many toons now that are very high level and very well equipped, but even at this stage of Player/ toon / equipment maturity this shouldn't be the case and should require a server /toon wipe for jenquai device strength to be relevant again. 6. Cloak :- Minor issue but the glass shields of Jenquai is counter balanced by Cloak(and maybe deflect see below).. this requires more skill but and is a challenge/reward in its own right. however the increasing number of mobs that see through cloak is negating this balance and making whole areas of content unbalanced again. Now there is the argument that a cloaking JD can solo any mob that cant see through cloak given time , and this is maybe incorrect.. but having Mobs negate this without any balance surely has to be wrong when its already balance by (or should be) power drain etc. Maybe a simple solution would be a % chance to see through cloak rather than just a flat your cloak is worth shit would be a finer balance (no i have no idea if this is code possible, just spit balling ideas here) 7. Deflects :- again i get the impression that this was something that in live was never fully implemented or balanced, but again the lack of raw shield/hull power was possibly meant to be balanced by Deflects? however this doesn't really seem to make that much of a difference at the higher levels.. and Rally on the TE just seems to be so over powered in that the TE has better buff + hack + Bio + Missiles that the Jenquais are again surpassed. Whilst this game should never aspire to others as its uniqueness and brilliance is what keeps us all coming back.. equally its undeniable that similarities cannot be ignored and that each class naturally maps onto the traditional archetypes, Therefore if we apply the following logic. PW :- tank class . barbarian etc. PP :- Healer /Tank Hybrid :- Paladin class? PS :- Not sure on this class.. TT :- Pure Healer class ; Cleric? but actually its missiles and ability to take damage is more like a paladin.. TE :- Debuff/ class :- So necromancer style class but also able to take and receive damage.. TS :- Id suggest that this class is closest to the traditional Ranger style play.. decent range damage for kiting, has minor healing and has some tricks in debuffing (hacking) JD :- Back stab /raw damage :- Rogue (although as mentioned above has been nerfed) JE :- ?? Should be all about its devices and ability to buff/ debuff but this not the case and is not needed. Power management its its traditional Live benefit but doesnt apply current as discussed above. JT :- ?? - Would actually make sense to be the Pure Cleric.. So should be the superior healer/buffer but weak damage output and takes damage easily.. However as discussed not the case. Interestingly that unless i'm mistaken there is the distinct lack of a mage style (raw ranged damage but weak as shit) character although the most obvious would be the TS with the ranger class moving over to the PS.. However what is clear is that the Jenquai would appear to get the short end of the stick neither fullfillig their roles or having no role to fill with current setup.. Just my random thoughts, as i wonder if this is my inexperience or if there is some truth to them.
  2. We've recently been added to the rotation as a Public entity for the big raids.. After organizing and participating in several of these raids recently it became apparent some guidelines are necessary to make things run smoothly with assembling and executing the raids as well as loot distribution afterward.  I will try here to address most of those, please make comments and posts to this thread for your suggestions and issues and I'll try to address them. This is a guideline and not by any means a set of rules to be taken as sacred writ.  Organizers of the actual raid may or may not follow these guidelines but I hope they will keep things on a similar tone for anyone participating. ORGANIZERS: When preparing groups for the raids it is best that the raid have a single organizer, this allows for better coordination.  This person is responsible for several aspects of the raid: - Getting the word out... Contacting people via open channels (General or New Players) and friends list.  Also is OK to ask big guild members/leaders to help out if needed but the participants from those big 3 guilds must be reminded that all three guilds have recommended that their members not participate in Loot lotto. - Setting up the IN-GAME channel.  A private channel is good for this, not everyone uses TeamSpeak and it is necessary that every participant in the raid use the same channel for communication so the attack can be coordinated better and the loot lotto can be conducted in a way that all can see the rolls. - Establish the looting rules for the raid BEFORE it begins.  There are several ways this can be done, but the most common, agreed upon way is described in section THREE of this post. - Coordinate and assemble groups.  For this reason the organizer must ask people to bring the right classes of toons in the right numbers to the raid.  Most of the primary rotation raids require 3 groups and can be composed differently based on the Organizer's strategy of attack.   - Communicate clearly and effectively the damage type needed for classes participating, RD base has different recommended damage types than say GoBB or Controller.  For this reason the Organizer should be very familiar with the raid being conducted.   - Establish the Looter.  This person must be a trusted player that can collect the loot properly and handle the lotto for non-trade items that drop during the raid.   1. Preparation The big raids are on timers and pop up about every 2 days.  Depending on which raid is up for which week it will determine what classes are needed to support the raid and which configurations we'll need in the groups to succeed. When you see the notice on GENERAL or New Player channel that a raid is forming ask the person making the announcement what is needed.   TT, TE, PW and JD form the core components of raid groups.  TTs can be substituted with JS or PP as possible but not always as desired as a TT.  TT has the shield capacity and healing skills most wanted for raids.  TE is good for Hack/Biorepress and PW is of course the tank.  Often PWs are needed to drive groups and should be able to take agro and hold it as much as possible.  JDs are for summon and reactor charge, the Summon Skill and Energy Leech is critical here and they are a fundamentally necessary class for most raids.   If you are unfamiliar with how to run your toon for a raid, contact me and I'll do what I can to help you setup before hand, others like EpicGamers guild and such can also be a good preparation resource.   If at all possible stage your toon near the raid location, these take a lot of time to build groups and start, so if the toons are close by it will speed this process up tremendously. 2. Communication It is advised to participate in a listening capacity on TeamSpeak at least, to hear the "chatter" this allows you to anticipate what is going on and learn from the other raiders what is good/bad technique.   A private channel (100) is often used, these channels have a limit of 16 participants, so please do not login 5 alts to the channel for a raid, others need it too.  This channel will be announced at the time for the raid to organize and form. 3.  Looting Often raid organizers will establish a looter, drivers of the groups will use /credit kill <name> to give loot rights from their groups to that person.  They will loot everything for the most part and will be responsible for the items looted, some items are non-trade and those items should NOT be looted by the designated looter as they will need to be lottoed off somehow before the corpse disappears. Looters should be familiar with the loot and make it know what is being looted from bosses and such so the people can understand what is being pulled out of the raids... 4. Lotto For public raids this is hard to control.  There are disputes as to who can bid on what for these lotto processes.  The Big 3 guilds have a rule in place with their members that their members participating are not authorized to bid on raid loot from public raids.  This is a rule from the guilds, not from us.  The big 3 guilds have placed this rule to allow more people access to the items dropped and they see themselves as support for the raids, not participants, since they have their own weeks in the rotation.  But again, this is imposed by the guilds, we don't always know who is in what guild and it is not our responsibility to enforce that.   Use your conscience and sense of fair play as a guide when bidding.  If you have UberLoot Item IX, then you may want to refrain from bidding on that item to allow someone else a better chance.  We don't know who has what and we rely on an honor system to determine who should or should not bid. The consensus for authorized bids is not set in stone and the organizer should state any specifics BEFORE the raid begins.  This will avoid major disputes over the rolls.  The recommended methods are documented here but they are not fixed.   The lotto method us usually one of two systems.  The X-UP method or the All /random method... The Organizer may choose which system is used and will have to make sure that the method of rolling is communicated to all before the first item is bid upon (Before the raid if non-trade items are going to drop) PARTICIPANT ROLL:   This roll is for loot that is class/race specific items (i.e. L9 beam weapons are for Jenquai, etc) The avatar that participated the raid is given priority, however if a person wanted to bring their JD and was asked to bring their TT instead they must declare before the raid beings their intent to roll for a specific item/alt even though their participating avatar cannot use the item.  (EXAMPLE:  [100] DaathJD: I was asked to bring my JD but I wish to roll on the UberPL IX for my PW if it drops" ) This allows everyone to know, in advance, what the intentions are.  The ORGANIZER is responsible to keep track of these substitutions. If an item is put up for bid for the PARTICIPANT ROLL and is not desired by anyone in that category then it is made an OPEN roll.  Refer to non-trade and trade loot sections below for more information about these drops. PLEASE DO NOT BID ON ITEMS YOUR MAIN or YOUR ALT AVATARS CANNOT USE.  It is unfair to the participants of the raid that NEED/DESIRE these items to see them traded on [Market] imediately after the raid.   OPEN ROLL: Some items are able to be used by any class, these items can be rolled on by any participant. This may also be an item that is race specific but has been passed over by the priority particpants in a raid.   NON TRADE loot: These items MUST be bid on by the participants of the raid, bringing an alt from Antares to get an item is not going to work.  If you PLAN on bidding on an item for a particular toon, make sure that toon is IN SECTOR.  Please declare your intention to bid on an item for an ALT before the lotto begins.  In the end the person conducting the lotto does not have the knowledge of everyone's alts, so we again ask you to be guided by a sense of fair play.   TRADE loot: Items can be bid on by any class, even if the class of toon used in the raid cannot use it.  Please declare your intention to bid on these potential items for an non-participating avatar BEFORE THE RAID BEGINS. The lotto process may be different depending on who is conducting the lotto, there are several methods, please pay attention to the raid organizers and follow the rules they establish at the time.   NOTE TO BIG 3 Guild Members, Static, VGE and Builder's INC: To my knowledge your guild leadership has placed a restriction on your participation in "PUG" or "Public" raids of this type.  You are allowed to assist, organize and participate, but you are not allowed to bid.  It is my understanding this is because they feel it is necessary for fairness to allow non-guild and small guild people more of a chance to obtain these items and get something from the raid.  If you disagree with this rule, please take it up with your leadership.  We will do our best to see that the leadership decisions from these guilds are kept but we hold YOU responsible to declare it openly in text or teamspeak and refrain from bidding on the lotto for the major raid items. Please post your comments and I'll append/revise this as necessary to reflect the public desire for guidance.
  3. A Treatise on the Progen Sentinel by Pakkrat I have played Earth & Beyond both during the 2002-2004 EA Games Live and 2012-2013 Stress Test 4 and Emulator Live. My 'main' toon is the Progen Sentinel and was my first avatar played when the Emulator went live in October 2012. Since then, I maintain that, contrary to the beliefs of some, that the Progen Sentinel is a valuable, almost indispensable addition to any group, mining operation, or raid. A graduate of Sentinel Agrippa Technologies has also enhanced my mastery of the class. This document will hopefully shed light on why Sentinels should not be downplayed. It will be seen to break through certain misconceptions that the player-base has shown in the past. If you, reader, feel I am right in my thinking, then this document is superfluous. This is to correct those who have told me in the past that they would never invite a Progen Sentinel to a high-end Earth & Beyond Raid event. Misconception 1 - The Sentinel cannot Tank. Misconception 2 - The Sentinel does not deliver enough damage in a group. Misconception 3 - The Sentinel does not heal. Misconception 4 - The Sentinel is a poor choice for solo play. The Progen Sentinel in an Explorer class. With the best Hull values, Shield values and Reactor capacities, even Megan, the game's representative, is correct in stating that the Sentinel is one of the most self-sufficient classes in the world of Earth & Beyond. It has been alluded though not verbally that the Progen Sentinel has an odd appearance or structural aesthetic. I beg to differ in that the Sentinel look akin to the great sailing ships of the pre-Industrial Age and that its configuration may look strange and out of place in the Crystal Age of sleek, aerodynamic and acrobatic vessels, it hardly matters in the vacuum of space. Aesthetically, Sentinel players find the ship elegant, exotic, gallant and grandiose as any Sabine Order craft should. The typical position in groups that a Sentinel occupies is the 'driver' the pilot who controls the positioning of the entire group. He is on the front line with the Progen Warrior and the Progen Privateer by default over other Explorers and even Traders. This is so because of the need to put projectile weapon-users as close to incoming mobs as possible. The back ranks are delegated to missile-users, healers and other supplementary vessels. The increased Scan skill and the Sentinel's activated and equipped 'buffs' allow for greater vision range than any other Progen while in the driver position. He is the toughest set of eyes in a group. With level IX shields such as the Crimson Force Barrier or the Skirmish Omega, the Sentinel can Tank, given healers do their job even nominally. It is rare that a Sentinel can hold 'aggro' for very long and even then, the Sabine Order can bow out politely through the use of its Power Down skill, (detailed below). The Sentinel suffers in only two places which I will cover one now. It is not the fastest ship in the selection. It may only install Engines of up to level VIII. This is hardly applicable in combat, mining or raids. In any group, warp speed is not needed accept in running trade routes. Thrust, or 'impulse' speeds may be important to get from point A to point B especially in gravity wells to the area that needs attention of an explorer or any other class. There are classes like Progen Warrior that prefer not to move in a battle, standing their ground. This nullifies any need for speed in group play. Many of the Engines that a Sentinel utilizes offers a wide range of buffs that aid in the self-sufficient roles that a Sentinel covers. The Reactors a Progen Sentinel may bring to bear reaches all the way to level VIII which, given the various Reactors available is more than enough to empower a Sentinel to do its job in any role, solo, mining, group or raid. With the usage of the Martyr's Heart VII (covered again later), the Sentinel suffers very little in the way of energy except in the heat of a raid where it must do a balancing act that is aided by other devices (also touched upon later). Weapons used by the Progen Sentinel are the same used by those of the Progen Warrior and the Progen Privateer. Thus comparison of weaponry at level IX is redundant. There is some Sentinel-centric weaponry at levels VII and VIII with weapons such as the Graverobbers' Scythe and the Ichor Cannon to name a couple. Compared to the other explorers, the Sentinel is the only vessel that sports four mounts, a Repulsor Field (touched upon again later), and has the widest variety of ammunition types. Impact, Explosive, Chemical, Plasma, and even Energy (per Zenrei Cannon) are available. This adds to the Sentinel's self-sufficiency and its versatility. This reaches beyond the ranges of beam weapons and most missile weapons. With the efficiency of many of the weapons the Sentinel uses, (Agrippa's Flechette Omega covered later), the Sentinel is able to maintain a stream of weapons fire with its four mounts and still make use of its devices dynamically. The only detail the Sentinel suffers is the lack of ability to manufacture its own ammunition which outside of solo play, mining and hulking, group and raids, is redundant and not worth mentioning. This is supported by the fact that at anytime between such events the Progen Sentinel can acquire normal ammunition from vendors or ask other pilots to fashion its ammunitions by the stacks. During an event the mid-sized cargo capacity allows for plenty of supply on hand. The Devices category is where the Sentinel shines in the hands of a pilot that is unafraid to change them even during battle. Most vessels perform pre-event buff session in the minutes beforehand. Then they ride out the event with the same load-out. The Sentinel is an exercise in dynamic device use, before and during the event. This play style is for the multitasking pilot who can lay down offensive fire while re-tasking her Device slots. This is especially true between waves of mobs in a raid. It is here that the many roles of the Sentinel can be taken advantage. Before an event, the Progen Sentinel can help any group prepare for what lies ahead in its various buffs Devices. With a little research on the event's mobs, a Sentinel pilot can raise the deflections (Deflects) of the entire group in addition to pre-existing numbers from equipped systems with Devices such as: Armadillo Plate, Elephant Hide, Chameleon Skin and so on. After the entire group is so buffed, the chosen Devices can be put into cargo and only used if the raid takes longer than planned. Other pre-event buffs can include shield capacity increases from systems like the Drone Shield Amplifier. This can be done in under two minutes time with the help of a Martyr's Heart Device. This is preemptive healing of a sort and one of three ways the Progen Sentinel is a healer class. While driving under the influence of increased scan range from equipped and activated Devices, the Sentinel can see the correct mobs to target. This allows the group to choose the Sentinel's target long before they can see the incoming mob. Once the targeted mob comes into range, it is the goal of the Versatile to engage de-buffing devices that lower a target's resistances and deflections via Devices such as Basilisk, Salamander, Cassel's Wither, Skirmish Omega in addition to others' usage of similar de-buffs. This is taken advantage of by second or third groups who are firing upon the same de-buffed mob. All groups then deliver extra damage when firing upon that target. This added damage, contrary to popular belief, is attributed back to the Sentinel with every shot that lands. When multiplied across the various incoming ships firing upon the de-buffed target, the damage the Sentinel delivers is quite cumulative. The added damage is not the merit of the group or raid member who is firing. It belongs to the Sentinel's credit though attained aggravation, or 'aggro', is still given to the vessel firing in the first place. Many an event has completed faster with these de-buffs successful use on every targeted mob encountered. At level IX, the added damage is the Sentinels compounded by the fact that the Sentinel herself is still firing her own weapons. There are Devices and other systems that offer increased damage on the Sentinel's weapons or on a targeted group member. The Skirmish Omega (an Agrippa Shield) adds increased projectile force which is cumulative with other Devices that add a certain percentage of outgoing damage. Ancient Artifacts, or 'aa' Devices such as the aa Gahtu Y and the aa Gahtu Daimo Y are two examples of such cumulative damage additions. This taxes the Sentinel's reactor power, so it behooves the pilot to use the Skirmish Omega personally while giving the major damage-dealers such as the Progen Warrior the activated buffs of the 'aa' Devices. Again, this extra damage is attributed to the Sentinel, not the recipient. The buffs spurts should be done as often as the reactor allows in conjunction with the replenishing Martyr's Heart upon the Reactor. A helpful hint for Sentinels is to watch the fellow group member and activate the buff when they are firing and then notify the recipient of such. This also occurs while the Sabine Order Sentinel is still firing her own weapons. If there is room and the Device is ready, the Martyr's Heart is usable upon fellow group members such as the healer(s). This is a boon of the Sentinel and any other owner of the Device to the healer. It can happen during the firefight or between mob waves. Between mob waves in a raid is an excellent time for the Progen Sentinel to come to the rescue of group members. The Restore and Refresh Devices serve to increase the shield regeneration of the ally while the healers continue to use their Recharge Shields skills. This cuts down on the energy use of the healers in preparation of the next wave. It is the second type of healing that the Sentinel delivers. There are passive and equipped Devices the Sentinel can take advantage to further increase their individual damage. An example is the Titan's Heart device. This allows for all the onboard weapons to further increase outgoing damage. Such stacks with activated buffs from aforementioned Devices. This technique is especially useful in solo play. With Devices installed, the Sentinel makes an excellent looter-position raid member. Harpy, Roc, Golden Tooth, to name a few make the Sabine Order an ideal clean-up crew to reduce the amount of objects clouding the field of battle. These Devices are added to the Sentinel's Power Down skill to make stealthy cleaning safer as she flies about looting corpses for the raiders. Several skills brought to the table by the Progen Sentinel further aid solo or group events. The foremost of these skills is the dreaded Repulsor Field, the singular providence of the Sabine Order. Since the Repulsor Field is usable on all group members, any retributive damage upon mobs from hits upon group members is 'absolute' damage and is attributed to the Sentinel and not the recipient vessel of the Field. When activated over the group's Tank, the top damage-dealer and the healer(s), the Repulsor Field makes enemies pay for all damage they inflict upon the group. This is yet another source of outgoing damage and cannot be deflected as it is 'absolute'. Since the Repulsor Field can be utilized outside of a group, an entire raid can be layered in the skill, furthering the damage output of the single Sentinel driving a single group. Though not as powerful as the Progen Warrior's Gravity Link, the Sentinel version is just as capable at slowing a target, paralyzing lesser mobs and de-buffing the target's Impact deflection. This skill use de-buff is cumulative with the activated de-buffs of aforementioned Devices. Gravity Link de-buffs the target for all incoming Impact damage and thus that extra is attributed to the skill-user though the base damage is the providence of the original damage-dealer. Another way for the Sentinel to shine as the Gravity Link is very cheap in terms of expended power. Coupled with the Sentinel-only Deadly Grasp, the Gravity Link beam spools faster and has greater effect, possibly beyond that of the Progen Warrior. The only difference is that the Area Gravity Link power allows for more affected targets via the Warrior's version. Critical Targeting skill is found on only one explorer-class vessel, the Sentinel. While other explorers may compensate with Devices such as the level VIII Good Fortune or weaponry that features the buff, the Sentinel is the explorer that enjoys the buff above and beyond the others, adding the bonus to percentage of delivering critical hits. The Sentinel adds this to her damage dealt as all weapons fire, whether in solo or group play. Again this occurs without draining the ship's reactor as a passive benefit. Though all explorer craft can use Jumpstart skill to revive incapacitated ships, the Sentinel makes use of Devices such as the Tactical Advantage Omega to spool the derelict back into action faster. The Device is usable by other classes as well. As a free agent in a raid and using the Power Down skill, the Sentinel is an untouchable medic on the field of battle. While others may use cloaking skills, we repeatedly find mobs that can use See Cloaked buffs such as the Skirmish Omega shield. Power Down surpasses that buff and hides in plain sight the Sentinel. The many benefits and applications of the Power Down skill have been touched on above. It is of massive effect at higher levels to help a Progen Sentinel recover midway through a fight, whether soloing or in groups. A Sentinel can even initiate a looting action, loot an object and re-Power Down if her timing is on par. More for use in solo or small-unit tactics is the fearsome mastery of the Sentinel's Menace above and beyond the Progen Privateer's version. With the Skirmish Omega installed, a Menace can take the edge off any battle for a time. Using Area Menace can take the load off the healers in a group and allow them time to recover their reactors as the Tanks stop taking damage. Menace precludes at higher levels, the target mob's skills usage. This makes the Sentinel a crowd-control class as well above the Fold Space skill of other races because the mob may still use skills and long-range weaponry. In Earth & Beyond, a ship's Shield system and the various Devices are valuable. So, the Progen Sentinel's Build Shields and Build Devices skills are quite valuable to both herself as a user of such systems but all other classes have need of Shields as a survival necessity. A ship cannot leave dock without a shield installed. As of this treatise, the special Progen Token missions of the Agrippa Technologies line offer the Progen Republic a substantial leg up when it comes to systems and Devices that focus even further the capabilities of their three classes. A user of all the systems, the Sentinel compounds his effectiveness when all of the Agrippa systems are installed. They work together to make the vessel very efficient. The Flechette adds to Reactor recharge. Tactical Advantage Omega adds to many of the Sentinel's actions (see above). The Ambush Reactor line at level VIII is used by the Sentinel to reduce Device energy requirements, furthering the dynamic changes and balancing act a professional Sabine works. A substantial boon is the Skirmish Omega Shield, which is both powerful in capacity and recharge, but also in its activated and equipped buffs. A final word about the Progen Sentinel. While it is the most versatile and self-sufficient class in Earth & Beyond, it takes practice and hand-eye coordination to fully master the class. Switching Devices and activating skills might take the place of weapons on the Heads-Up Display's Action Bar. The faster a Sentinel pilot can activate skills or systems and re-install Devices, the more it can aid itself or the group(s). While I do not profess that the Sentinel is the best class in the game, it can be the class that lasts with activities (read: Things To Continue Doing) beyond Overall Level 150 as other classes close down their sustainability. A Jenquai Explorer may find a task of mining and the occasional taxi service using its Wormhole skill. A Sentinel can continue to aid other pilots outside combat and events with the beloved Call Forward skill, allowing itself and other pilots further mutable modification of their classes. Mining continues beyond 150 as well and there's always treasure hunting the hulks of the galaxy. Warriors hunt. Traders trade, but the Progen Sentinel does them all at end-game. Thus, my choice of the Sentinel as my 'main' toon as it can be enjoyed even after the end-game benchmark. Disclaimer: I do approach this treatise from the end-game point of view because that is where most multi-ship groups and raids prefer any of their members. Valuing Overall Level 150 of all members except the 'Looter', makes all events a benchmark goal to complete the event. In levelling up a Sentinel, I still enjoyed the class, mission, activities, and quests for advanced skills like the Call Forward. I feel that the Sentinel is an upper-echelon class to enjoy at all levels due to its versatility and self-sufficiency. 30
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