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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, I noticed for the last couple weeks of July 7th to 20th 2012 The Net-7 Portal goes offline at midnight EST for about 20 to 30 minutes, are you rebooting? or adding or editing something? I explain whats happening when the site goes offline, while in game on the XP machine when Portal goes, it will freeze my game an bounce me out, I have to minimize the game an exit out cause of the stall in the game, I don't know if it's because am logged into the Portal or not when it happens, I'll have to test that theory. Perhaps others are experiencing the same. After the Portal back online I can launch the game again an get back in, this only happens on my XP machine, our other PC's have different OS's on them. am wondering if being logged in to the Portal doing this, or makes a difference in crashing or freezing of the game when the site goes offline. Here's the Error or the message the launcher gives me when I LaunchNet-7 Launcher (Error on checking server status. Details: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: address) When i click on details at the bottom it gives me more info, reads like this, LauncherNet7 - Error Following errors occurred while checking for updates: Error while checking updates for 'Net 7' Details: The remote name could not be resolved: 'patch.net-7.org' I have screenshot in case you need to see it, just as easy to type it out. is there a tweak, or work around to fix this? or is the XP machine just being a dinosaur? runs the game awesome tho Thank you if you can advise
  2. Hi, Here are some suggestions that have been brought up before by the users at some point. So I'm listing them here for you guys to mull over. 1. Would you guys in web dev consider a direct link on the Net-7.Org site to the Support Ticket system site, and another for the new bug tracker right on the main menu? This would be some nice to have items, and make things a bit easier for all involved. 2. One other item has to do with the database search function. Can the search page be setup so a person using it doesn't have to re-scroll down the page when reselecting the tab after viewing an item after a search? This would be a nice improvement to an already well designed site. 3. Unify the site news to the Net-7 Launcher. Please make the Net-7 Launcher pull the news contained from the same source web page. This way, all the news for those who read the release notes and news in the launcher can be easily read on the Portal site. Lastly, Thanks a ton for all your hard work on this emulator guys. I know that all who play share this view that your investments in skill and donated time, combined with player/user colaboration will continue to make this emulator as great if not better than live. Thanks for reading... -Overt.
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