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  1. The fields were far larger - however, if the fields are really large, I'd rather see a more diverse set of prospect stuff (e.g. mix in hydro, glowing, rocks and gas like it was in Live). More on this below. I see it like this, people complained about too many types of ores in a single field and Merlin bent over backwards to make people happy. Now you can mine a field without going to a station 3 times and get a bonus and move on. Not everyone can be completely satisfied, they are taking a small step for mankind to bring pleasure back to humanity. The only way this will be "like it was in live" now is to hop in a time machine and land 6 years ago. This is baby steps...I for one am happy to be back in the fields picking anything.
  2. That is someone else, I actually thought that was my brother when I saw him. I Emailed you and Wotnot (the JE) and he got back to me. 50% success is not bad considering the addys are 6 years old.

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