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  1. Hi Kyp,

    I used to program in machine language years ago and I was published many times.  I am proficient in visual basic.  I'm willing to learn a new language.  I am a retired DR. and Love this game.  I am willing to help.  I would be particularly interested in helping with new content ( new sectors ) or getting the Racetrack in Glenn back open ( or even the slot machines, never in the game ).

    Thank you for the consideration and contact me for private info to continue this conversation.


  2. I accept the nomination for ADV. I have been active in the game for many years but posted very little, other than on the Builders Inc. website. I saw no need to post on N7 just to get my name out there ( and I Hope you All know what I am talking about ). I have five level 149 to 150 toons and I am leveling more, so I know a few things about leveling toons. I’d like to learn more.
    I Appreciate the nomination from Sneaky and Traint, Thanks for your Vote of Confidence!
    I refuse to ask for votes on New Players or Market channels, I Won't play that way.
    I also acknowledge that Prrekoorb is another Excellent choice for ADV. Best of Luck Prrekoorb!
    Background: I’m a doctor in private practice for the last 30 years, I lead “The Federation” in Live.
    If elected, I will do the job to the best of my abilities, but I probably didn’t have to say that, after all.
    Many Thanks, Teflon
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