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  1. Then, quite simply, said dev should not be writing quests for newbie areas and should stick to higher level content, like a nice long level 30 optional hull upgrade quest. But not the stuff that is intended to be done from 0-10 inside that starting zone.
  2. This isn't a flavor mission though. Nor is it skippable. To get your first hull upgrade, to get one of your powers, you have to do this mission. And, again, I stress that this is a newbie zone mission. If it wasn't, I wouldn't consider it as majorly bugged as I do. Its level of difficulty should be about equal to what other classes have. For those starter area quests, a certain ease, as their purpose is not so much to challenge the player as it is to show them some of the mechanics for the class. That pretty much means you are told to go to a nav point, that is on your map, told exactly what to do when you get there (with appropriately level content, no CL 8 mobs), and, after you do it, told to warp back. This one is off from that both in terms of the information provided and what it asks you to do. It wouldn't take much to balance it appropriately, compared to others. Chop the CL of the mobs in half, add a couple of nav points to the map, a bit more hand holding in the steps involved, and a removal of the 10k charge for the first hull upgrade. It'll still be more involved than what other classes have, but be a lot closer to an appropriate (in terms of what other classes have) difficulty. If the level of difficulty is way off, then the design/content is bugged. Now, I do understand that this is a work in progress, but that is all more the reason to give feedback now, before it is complete. Once that happens, it'll be harder to get it changed. My gut feeling about this quest (and the swarm one, for that matter) are that they are being written by someone interested in writing harder quests, using these as a bit of a test bed, since these newbie quests are sort of needed to be able to play the class. However, the level of difficulty is not appropriate for the starting area.
  3. Yup, I know. However, the newbie area quests were not. They would have easily discovered nav points to go to. And the quest steps themselves would mention which nav point. Which makes sense. Newbie areas are for newbies, people new to the game, you don't drop them in the deep end to begin with. You hold their hand at first. Once they are out of the newbie area, done with those early quests, then you begin to ramp it up. This quest, basically, does not belong in the newbie area as it currently is. It is vague, lacking in information. It does not have easily discovered nav points. The rally nav point doesn't even appear on the map. And, for a quest that you should be able to do at OL 10, it throws you against CL 8 mobs.
  4. After my 3rd trip through the gravity well, finally had it trigger the quest. It should be simple, but unfortunately, it isn't, since the quest itself isn't very clear on what to do and rather vague. For instance, the only reason I discovered the field in the first place was because there was nothing of interest near the gate, killing the critters a way point or 2 back didn't do anything, so I warped towards the rocks in the distance. At which point I then flew through the entire gravity well, to the destroyed freighter, all without ever stumbling across the gravity. A subsequent trip later also failed to lead to the gravity well generator. Basically, the quest needs a little bit of work, especially as it is a newbie area quest. Beta quest though, so some issues are to be expected. Hopefully the devs will get it a touch up. It needs some cleaning up of the text. Step 1, for instance, says to find something suspicious and return. Step 2 is to return. Step 1 should not mention returning. The dialogue leading to the quest should probably also do something to encourage the player to search east of the gate, though possibly the rocks in the distance might be enough. As this is a newbie area quest though, the knowledge of how to freewarp probably shouldn't be assumed. Though I guess you could do it without warping, but that would make it even more tedious. I'd also suggest an additional quest step. Hitting the gravity well should trigger the completion of Step 1. After this, a new step should be included to find the source of the gravity well. Finding it should then lead on what is currently step 2. Completion text when talking to the sub commander also has a few typos in it. "A Gravity well in this sector ? These are alarming news. Who would be foolish enough to place a trap in the heart of Progen space. Strange very strange.." should be "A gravity well in this sector? This is alarming news. Who would be foolish enough to place a trap in the heart of Progen space? Strange, very strange..." Will have to make a post in the bugs forum.
  5. Well, found a nav point with level 8 transports and level 6 fighters. Killed a bunch, no dice. I've still, apparently, failed to find anything suspicious =/
  6. I went as far as wrecked progen ship, wiped out a bunch of the level 1 drones there, never saw a transport. Bit different than "return back when you see something suspicious", to paraphrase step 1 of the quest. Gravity well...that's sorta suspicious. Destroyed progen ship swarming with red dragon drones...highly suspicious. Thanks for the info though, will be good to polish that quest off.
  7. Well, saw some people talking about the swarm mobs, so apparently they are out there somewhere. Though that quest giver isn't the one which is supposed to give the skills. Probably there is some place you can go or do that will trigger the missing transport quest to advance. But whatever it is, it isn't obvious Either way though, looks like both quests could use a little love.
  8. 1. When you enter the base, it tells new privateers to talk to Sub Commander Brook. Brook though has nothing for the player at that point. It is one of the other 2 npcs that has the first mission for the player. Can't recall whether it was Crones Cristopher or Mathis Alexander that had the first mission though. As a subnote of this, with Brook telling you to get some experience, then come back, not sure if that is because I need a certain level (the skills he teaches have no level listed) or if I just need to do the waste run first. 2. Looks like 2 quests are still in development: The Missing Transport and Destroy the Swarm. A. The Missing Transport tells you to fly to the mars gateway and look for anything suspicious, then return, all as one step. Flying to the waypoint doesn't qualify as completing this step, nor does there appear to be anything suspicious. Fly towards where the destroyed freighter is, encountering the gravity well, doesn't trigger this either. B. Destroy the Swarm - no destination for this given. Assuming near the ship being built (which might be a bad place for some aggro mobs, since it is practically on the base). Nothing there though. No suicidal swarms, no queens. 3. Looks like you cannot get either Recharge Shield or Shield Inversion yet, most likely due to the Missing Transport quest still being in development. 4. No ship upgrade at level 10, probably tied to not being able to finish the newbie quests. Nice to actually have this class (and the other original missing 2) available to play
  9. Getting the inv-300 error when I try and log in as well.
  10. Had no problem with my yahoo account.
  11. Hopefully it won't be too long. Looking forward to roaming the galaxy as a Jenquai Explorer again.
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